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Metroid Prime was always an abhorrent clunky mess of a shooter. The worlds for it and it's sequels were also badly designed and forced the player to do a lot of needless backtracking. But even ignoring these aspects, Metroid Prime was always a bad METROID series because they don't play like Metroid at all. The combat is slow as fuck and laden with monotonous circle strafing. The movement is fucking abysmally slow and forces you to go into morphball mode to have any fun.

Honestly the only game I've seen adapt its 2d predecessor to 3d proper while innovating on the formula is Megaman Legends 2, Megaman Legends 1 is a pretty clunky mess to be honest. In fact I'd go as far as to call Megaman Legends 2 a superior game than the overrated Prime series. The backtracking for example is not necessary, almost every single ruin you explore has shortcuts you can unlock.

The weapons aren't just a shitty "use the red weapon against the red enemy" gimmick like in the shitty Prime series. Each buster type, buster mod package and individual buster mods have their advantages and disadvanteges in terms of firing speed, range and damage potential. Each side weapon has advantages in terms of price, practicallity, and situational uses, with only 1 weapon (the bubble shield) being god fucking awful and useless. Moreover the movement speed isn't abysmally slow and has variety!

You can zip around battlefields using roller skates, you can omnidirectional rolling dodge, you can clamber on to all sorts of surfaces, but even more incredibly with control style D you can play Megaman Legends 2 like Lost Planet/Halo and actually manually aim all of your weapons with the right analog stick. Get fucked Primefags, Megaman Legends 2 is a superior 2d to 3d adaptation and superior shooter with RPG elements.