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Enemy Variety

As mentioned in the Movement part of the rundown the enemies are quite varied. The enemies in this game all punish you in one way or another and serve specific niches as well as roles in combat. This variety was ever so present in the classics and it's present here, however adapted towards a 3d space and perspective.

Let's start with the basic enemies, the "soft bullet sponge" enemies, these guys are spammed in the first 2 ruins so the player can get accustomed to performing crowd control in a 3d space. These guys are deceptively slow and frail however can take quite beating and can crowd you into uncomfortable situations. But for the most part, they're total push overs and a necessary evil to introduce players to playing Megaman in 3d. Amusingly enough once you're upgraded enough these little guys become average joes, giving the player a sense of progression in terms of firepower they wield.

Then there's the status effect enemies, these guys are just as annoying, or even more so than they were in the classics. Not only will these guys drain your health like crazy, but they also shit on your weapons systems. For example if you're lit on fire, not only will your health slowly drain until the flames are extinguished but your buster and sideweapons also overheat more. Or if you're struck by lightning type enemies you will be slowed down for a while. These guys are used sometimes to punish player negligence during platforming, combat or just a straight punishment for poor platforming. So yeah, this is a welcomed and awesome spin to an old and underused mechanic seen in 2d.

Now on to average Joe enemies who die in just a couple of 2 to 3 hits. These guys are numerous in number at times, or are placed in platforming sections. While the game doesn't punish you with death if you fail platfroming sections it will punish you with rooms filled with these guys or even bruiser type enemies. For the most part they're a non-threat, however when they're combined with the odd/rare bullet sponge, or a status effect inducing enemy you will have a hard time if you're not careful. These little guys yet again adapt a 2d concept of juggling between types of enemies at a time while platforming into a 3d space.