Badfox 01/14/2020 (Tue) 04:56:41 Id: 6d441d No.43468 del
My entire life, I've always had very strange, very creepy, very beautiful, very unique and / or very creative dreams, and I never understood why. This is not counting sleep paralysis and the many encounters I've had, but most people have very mundane dreams yet mine have always been very intense and different every time.

What is strange is that for some time now, I've been dreaming a lot of alternate realities, or something like a new world beyond or around ours, with stories that go on and on as if I'm living a completely different life, with so many details. I keep a dream journal just because of how much information goes on during those dreams.

To put it briefly, while it's mainly realities where I did things differently in life, have different family / friends, live on another planet / world, live as an ancestor or even an animal, the dreams I've had recently are always dreams where I am myself, but access a different world and often battle for some kind of fake survival. These worlds always give me the impression of another dimensional plane, Heaven, or a virtual world because the possibilities are endless in them, and I also always find myself with other humans alongside all sorts of beings.

And again, I want to say just how intense the details, stories, all the elements, are. The main conflict, the events that lead up to another scene, the visuals, the people, their life, everything is as if I am literally living somewhere else and get to experience everything and then more. They feel like "hubs", because of how big and central they are, and how they seem to connect so many other places, and so many people from different worlds.

Any ideas why I get those dreams? I really enjoy them, even the creepier ones but I'm curious as to what happens. Can gladly describe some dreams if anyone is curious.