Badfox 01/14/2020 (Tue) 05:04:22 Id: 6d441d No.43473 del
My brain keeps trying to find things to react negatively to all the time.

I feel like i have created an evil tulpa that fights with me and tries to ruin my day by making me feel uncomfortable, or i believe there is an evil force when there is not so i am just fighting with myself.

Recently i have been enjoying aesthetic imagery in images and videos, and my brain decided "oh that means i can act like aesthetics in my own house make me uncomfortable or else why would you be enjoying other aesthetics if you enjoyed your houses aesthetics".
But i do enjoy all aesthetics, i just like to feel things all the time about all kinds of things.

It use to be much worse in the past, but these days i can try to stop worrying and its more likely to work. In the past i use to get painful headaches and extreme fear.