Badfox 01/14/2020 (Tue) 05:14:21 Id: 6d441d No.43483 del
has anyone here ever heard of this phenomenon? i stumbled across it a few years back. there was some normal boomer type guy from texas who said something assaulted him in his room. years later he stumbled across some book that described the creature that attacked him.

it was super obscure shit so the guy had to do a ton of original research to find out more about what he saw. he has some youtube channel with hundreds of videos on there and ive watched about every one of them. what he essentially says is this:

- what he calls the "honeycomb" earth is the real model of the earth. that numerous tunnels, caves and caverns exist under the earth and intersect each other to the point where you could travel a vast distance underground if you knew the correct route.

- beings, possibly from other worlds, have been living deep underground for at least thousands of years. these beings went underground during a primordeal age in earth's evolution when the planet was bombarded by solar radiation. having stayed underground for so long these races simply adapted to the conditions and have remained there ever since.

- some of these beings have completely degenerated into violent and self-gratifying psychopaths who initiated a civil war against the rest of their race.

- this insurrection won and took over, exterminating all opposition and began operating as a totalitarian society based on chattel slavery.

- the US government knows about this which is why they restarted the cave warfare training schools. all cave entrances in the united states, which may connect into the honeycomb earth, have been sealed and it is illegal to explore them.

- they can use their technology to create or cure diseases and manipulate affairs on the surface, and are worshipped by some primitive people as gods, usually in the form of elephants such as ganesh.

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