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LynxChan Admin Log the hacker known as 4chan 12/24/2015 (Thu) 09:52:31 [Preview] No. 21
Ok I'm going to log some of the development/devops/admin of LynxChan for those interested.

the hacker known as 4chan 12/24/2015 (Thu) 12:18:46 [Preview] No. 22 del
Well first there was interest in LynxChan. Then we had to find a way to reg a domain while being opsec'd.

We got a small VPS on Vultr. And then work began on setting up LynxChan.

We had to install all the requirements. And then get the standard front end working with the backend.

Since we're using cent os 7, we had to open port 80 on the software firewall centos 7 has.

Then we upgrade the front to look more like 8chan.

the hacker known as 4chan 12/24/2015 (Thu) 13:00:38 [Preview] No. 23 del
did you remember to pay with bitcoin?

the hacker known as 4chan 12/25/2015 (Fri) 02:51:08 [Preview] No. 24 del
We had to get lynxchan off root, so we created a node user and make it use that.

Also set up a systemd service to control it. Start/Stop/Restart/reload

Did a reboot test to make sure everything starts up.

the hacker known as 4chan 12/25/2015 (Fri) 02:58:52 [Preview] No. 25 del
Then developers showed up. We needed a way for everyone to be able to edit files without stepping on each others toes.

So a SCM (Source Code Management) repo was needed. Everything is using git, so we needed to get a proper git set up going.

And an reverse proxy (nginx) was needed so we can set up sub domains for staging and dev. But for that to work, we needed to upgrade LynxChan to 1.4.

So we did a fresh install of LynxChan 1.4 on port 8080 bound to all ( We fixed up the template a little bit to bring our existing edits into it.

Then we found out that running LynxChan 1.3 and 1.4 is really really bad. StephenLynx helped us make the appropriate fixed in mongo to make 1.3 happy and we stopped 1.4.

Then we focused on nginx. Yum's latest nginx was really old. So we compiled the latest from source. Got nginx installed and then stop 1.3 and switched over to 1.4

the hacker known as 4chan 12/25/2015 (Fri) 03:00:32 [Preview] No. 26 del
Good question, let me ask.

the hacker known as 4chan 12/25/2015 (Fri) 03:11:35 [Preview] No. 27 del

He used giftcards

the hacker known as 4chan 12/25/2015 (Fri) 12:19:37 [Preview] No. 28 del
The problem is not running both at the same time, but running both using the same database.

the hacker known as 4chan 12/29/2015 (Tue) 06:28:36 [Preview] No. 29 del
Some one set up LetsEncrypt SSL. We installed the server into LynxChan and Nginx (though only nginx was required). We figured good to just have it ready on LynxChan just in case.

And since we have a similar situation to 8chan, where the owner doesn't own the domain. We decided to get a 2nd domain as a back up. Infinow was purchased and set up on CloudFlare.

Then we set out to make the templates SSL friendly. A lot of the URLs were absolute URLs referencing images as http. This will break under SSL, so we had to make the template URL relative.

People really like the 8chan feel, a lot of compliments for the styled front-end. Minor tweaks were made to various UI elements including message box, navigation items, and several to home page.

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