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You’re just going to say I’m lying because YOU participate in all of these things, therefore it is completely unfathomable to you to not participate. So anyone who is not participating must be lying.

Fine, you know what. You go ahead – rely on your phone, your services, your apps. I think it’s nice that you’re content with the fact that you’re being used, your data is being sold. I wish I was that docile to be okay with that. In fact, I’m just some crazy retard who doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I think the people who pick up a smart phone and install apps know a lot more than someone who can write scripts and operates in a command line. I guess all those former employees of Facebook, Google, etc. who say how corrupt Silicon Valley is are also just retards who probably skimmed an article once or twice. Edward Snowden is just some dweeb, what did he even do again? Something about exposing the NSA? Ah I don’t care, I’ve already posted my asshole to the internet so I might as well post everything else.

Keep using your Google phone and Microsoft computer. They’re they ones looking out for you. Oh what’s that? It looks like you’re going to have to stop reading this post soon because there’s a Windows update! Awww, that sucks not having control over your own computer.

You are the one who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. I thought it was common knowledge that social media, google, smart phones, etc. were spy devices used solely by retards. I have explained what a digital fingerprint is and how the data is collected that creates your digital fingerprint. What do you want to know specifically about it? I would go into more detail if you have a specific question regarding it. However, I suspect you are not open minded to this subject and I would be wasting my time because you would see my post as an argument rather than informational. Be my guest and ask away.