the hacker known as 4chan 03/18/2021 (Thu) 06:51:27 No.87 del
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>02:07 <wpr> everything is boring by then.
>02:08 <wpr> wellfare? what are you talking about?
>02:08 <wpr> home?
>02:08 <wpr> I'm on vacation right now.
>02:08 <wpr> 1/4th the time I'm on vacation, you didn't know that?
>02:08 <bones_was_here> most people when on vacation, go somewhere nice
>02:08 <bones_was_here> you go to your computer and... spam shit on irc?
>02:08 <wpr> I'm at a condo.
>02:08 <bones_was_here> wow what a vaction
>02:09 <bones_was_here> wish i could be as wealthy as you
>02:09 <wpr> since you lust for consumer goods: obviously
>02:09 <bones_was_here> see how people with real wealth, are out on their yacht,
> starting a new company, flying into space, buying a
> pacific island
>02:09 <wpr> lol
>02:09 <wpr> people with real wealth marry little girls
>02:09 <bones_was_here> but you? you use your wealth to buy... some time to be

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