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(501.75 KB 1280x1024 Cirno.jpg)
the hacker known as 4chan 03/18/2021 (Thu) 06:48:06 [Preview] No. 85
Is this the right way to talk with Xonotic? Asking for a friend...

> [email protected] (QuakeNet)
>01:53 -!- Irssi: Starting query in QuakeNet with bones_was_here
>01:53 <wpr> .
>01:53 <wpr> ><bones_was_here> if mikee's claims were a) true b) put into
> practise, he would lose access to the code his chaos anthology is
> based on
>01:53 <wpr> My claims are true. It is your choice to disbelieve the 3
> lawyers/law-offices I cited.
>01:53 <wpr> No I would not "lose access" to the code my fork is based on: the
> source code is allready out there. I would "lose" the legal right
> to use the code: but I would ignore such and continue doing so:
> this is a hobby: not a "jehrb". FreeSoftware was never based
> hard-and-fast on US law. The GPL is a "hack" of US law: it works
> "well enough" mostly based on the fact that 1) other juristictions
> exist (remeber
>01:53 <wpr> Debian used to host its crypto packages outside of the US, 2)
> Federal copyright suits are very expensive for any party. 3)
> There's no money in suing over free software usually because the
> parties do no typically register their copyrights before a
> same/similar violation and thus statutory damages and attorneys
> fees are unavailable.
>01:53 <bones_was_here> oh i'm sorry, did i rustle your jimmies?
>01:54 <wpr> No: you simply are wrong, retard.
>01:54 <wpr> a stupid lay fuck who thinks he's "smart"
>01:54 <bones_was_here> but you said it yourself: I would "lose" the legal right
> to use the code
>01:55 <wpr> you said I would "lose access"
>01:55 <wpr> what you said is incorrect
>01:55 <wpr> I don't give one fuck about losing the legal "right"
>01:55 <bones_was_here> ok: you would have to take down your mod, or it would
> get taken down

>01:55 <bones_was_here> so why do you campaign to have your own access
> restricted?
>01:55 <wpr> no I would not have to "take down" my mod you piece of shit
>01:56 <wpr> I'm the only one who uses my mod you stupid fuck
>01:56 <bones_was_here> we know it's all you
>01:56 <wpr> and I distribute it to my friends on blu-ray
>01:56 <bones_was_here> we know when you say "we" it's just you
>01:56 <wpr> Royal We
>01:56 <bones_was_here> moddb isn't going to keep it online when it's in breach
> of copyright, so yes it would be taken down
>01:56 <wpr> because I'm better than you
>01:56 <wpr> no it would not be "taken down"
>01:56 <wpr> I can find other hosts outside the USA
>01:56 <wpr> :)
>01:56 <wpr> which do not follow US law
>01:57 <wpr> you stupid piece of shit
>01:57 <wpr> and it is not hosted on moddb at all
>01:57 <wpr> do you even check your links you retard?
>01:57 <wpr> anyway you could sue me
>01:57 <wpr> and would win
>01:57 <wpr> and then the rest of your opensource shit would be fucked in the USA
>01:57 <wpr> since all you opensource white fucking piece of shit programmers
> are:

the hacker known as 4chan 03/18/2021 (Thu) 06:50:03 [Preview] No.86 del
(1.25 MB 1366x442 xcity1.png)
>01:58 <wpr> 1) Anti-child bride
>01:58 <wpr> 2) pro-feminism
>01:58 <wpr> 3) pro-dick-sawing
>01:58 <wpr> that would make me happy
>01:58 <wpr> to FUCK you pieces of shit enemies over
>01:58 <wpr>
>01:58 <bones_was_here> good luck in your fight against the entire world
>01:58 <wpr> and either way: I have the code: I do not "lose access" to it
>01:59 <bones_was_here> it would be removed from anywhere you post it
>01:59 <wpr> It's right here on my machines, and on the 100s of dvds/cds/blurays
> I have
>01:59 <wpr> bones_was_here no it would not
>01:59 <wpr> I could simply host it in germany
>01:59 <wpr> which has adversarial rules regarding this issue
>02:00 <wpr> or any other non-common-law country
>02:00 <bones_was_here> if you have free software and the people who write it,
> so much, why don't you just fuck off?
>02:00 <wpr> do you understand why you fucking moron?
>02:00 <wpr> bones_was_here why would I fuck off?
>02:00 <wpr> tell me
>02:00 <bones_was_here> why are you so sad as to keep coming back here? are you
> still going to show up and spam your shit when you're
> 70? 80?
>02:00 <bones_was_here> lying there in hospital dying "ohhh i need a computer so
> i can spam xonotic about pedo shit"
>02:01 <wpr> you are a stupid white piece of shit that thinks "durr if I don't
> like someone, I shudnt use their things111!!!"
>02:01 <bones_was_here> get a life you fucking loser
>02:01 <wpr> bones_was_here if I don't have a child bride: I guess I won't have
> anything else to do
>02:01 <wpr> bones_was_here: you banned me from getting a life, white fuck
>02:01 <wpr> you and your kind banned cute young virgin girls for marrying
>02:03 <bones_was_here> so you define yourself in terms of whether you're
> permitted to abuse someone with no power to resist

>02:03 <bones_was_here> what a pathetic loser
>02:03 <wpr> bones_was_here if I don't have a child bride: I guess I won't have
>02:03 <wpr> anything else to do
>02:04 <wpr> bones_was_here: you banned me from getting a life, white fuck
>02:04 <bones_was_here> 'oh woe is me, there's nothing to do but be an asshole
> on the internet, because laws against abuse, bawwww'
>02:04 <wpr> you and your kind banned cute young virgin girls for marrying
>02:04 <wpr> tell me what is my reason for "getting a life"
>02:04 <wpr> which I assume means "work"
>02:04 <wpr> what do I get from that?
>02:04 <wpr> enumerate it
>02:05 <bones_was_here> there's all kinds of Nice Things, but you just waste
> your existence because you're a bitter loser
>02:05 <bones_was_here> the only person you're hurting, is yourself
>02:05 <wpr> bones_was_here what "Nice Things" are those?
>02:05 <wpr> enumerate ones that I do not posess.
>02:06 <wpr> As far as I can tell the only thing I don't have is a child bride.
>02:06 <wpr> such has ever been the case.
>02:06 <wpr> oh, sorry, am I talking to a wage slave retard here, bones_was_here?
>02:06 <bones_was_here> if you had everything, you wouldn't have time to be an
> internet asshole, you'd be too busy enjoying yourself
>02:06 <wpr> wrong bones_was_here
>02:06 <wpr> when you have everything, you have nothing but time
>02:07 <wpr> but a wage slave white fuck wouldn't understand that
>02:07 <bones_was_here> when you have everything, you have no time to waste
>02:07 <wpr> wrong
>02:07 <bones_was_here> but you're sitting at home looking for someone to troll
> while you wait for your welfare payment to arrive

the hacker known as 4chan 03/18/2021 (Thu) 06:51:27 [Preview] No.87 del
(1.18 MB 1176x447 xcity_.png)
>02:07 <wpr> everything is boring by then.
>02:08 <wpr> wellfare? what are you talking about?
>02:08 <wpr> home?
>02:08 <wpr> I'm on vacation right now.
>02:08 <wpr> 1/4th the time I'm on vacation, you didn't know that?
>02:08 <bones_was_here> most people when on vacation, go somewhere nice
>02:08 <bones_was_here> you go to your computer and... spam shit on irc?
>02:08 <wpr> I'm at a condo.
>02:08 <bones_was_here> wow what a vaction
>02:09 <bones_was_here> wish i could be as wealthy as you
>02:09 <wpr> since you lust for consumer goods: obviously
>02:09 <bones_was_here> see how people with real wealth, are out on their yacht,
> starting a new company, flying into space, buying a
> pacific island
>02:09 <wpr> lol
>02:09 <wpr> people with real wealth marry little girls
>02:09 <bones_was_here> but you? you use your wealth to buy... some time to be
> an internet asshole
>02:10 <bones_was_here> it's because you just dream of wealth, you claim it so
> you can talk down to people
>02:10 <wpr> since when do I have to buy time? it's the only thing you cannot buy
>02:10 <bones_was_here> but you're just a loser in a basement or a trailer park,
> hiding behind a computer
>02:10 <wpr> nope: I make things with my own hands: then I talk down to you fags
> who just "community organize"

>02:10 <wpr> It's the only happiness I have: making things.
>02:11 <bones_was_here> fuck off and go make something then
>02:11 <wpr> be it in the physical world: such as my marble floors
>02:11 <wpr> or in the design world with the computers
>02:11 <wpr> no: I won't fuck off
>02:11 <wpr> and if you didn't notice I modeled and added 2 new weapons this and
> last week to my fork
>02:11 <wpr> amongst various other features
>02:12 <wpr> what did you do? fuck all, and WERK'd for a Boss
>02:12 <wpr> and if you, white fuck, manage to be married; you have "duh boss"
> at home
>02:12 <wpr> that's how you white lum live
>02:13 <wpr> rejecting the natural pleasures YHWH affords you
>02:13 <wpr> warring against all others to banish them
>02:13 <wpr> and raise "MUH WUHHHMAN" up as the Power
>02:13 <wpr> white piece of SHIT
>02:14 <bones_was_here> how can you be so articulate but have so little
> comprehension
>02:15 <wpr> Explain what I'm misreading?
>02:16 <wpr> 1) You are incorrect regarding me "losing access" to the source
> code I use: I allready have it and will use it with or without your
> permission
>02:16 <wpr> 2) You are incorrect about me "being on welfare" etc
>02:17 <wpr> 3) You are incorrect about there being solace found in physical
> goods (white wage slaves like you often are: after all you sell
> your souls in the fruitless pursuit of such)
>02:18 <wpr> nothing to say?
>02:18 <wpr> as I thought.
>02:19 <wpr> white wagefuck.

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