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UPDATE: 2018-11-25 7:11AM PDT - OdiliTime is beginning the preliminary stages of exporting and repairing the site database, performance may be spotty for a while because of the background DB dump.

UPDATE: 2018-11-05 6:24PM PDT - After being hit with another 16gbps DDoS, the datacenter is installing better DDoS mitigation (because we're neighbors with Gab now)

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>>/kc/21291 >>21288 >>21288 > but that didn't make Russia friendly with the west. russia was friendly with west around 90's plus it doesnt n
>>/kc/21290 >>21285 >It only looks like stupid government acts as clumsy elephant. interesting, sounds like 4D chess.
>>/librejp/137006 オナラかと思ったら下痢だったの今月もう2回目
>>/librejp/137005 なんか寒くね!? 沖縄とかいまの時期どうなの?
>>/kc/21289 >>21283 Overall, they acted poorly but it wouldn't be that bad if they didn't leave main guy in the end. >Kurds made only part
>>/librejp/137004 へーへーへーへー
>>/librejp/137003 弱点で倒せるのは普通のポケモン対戦みたいでいいね
>>/kc/21288 >>21286 >but when your people eat like american, talk like american, think like american, 'love' like american you wonder why th
>>/librejp/137002 >>137001 いいねえ… 最後の仕草とかかわいい
>>/kc/21287 >>21284 Reminds me of Antwoord for some reason.
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