(107.18 KB 1080x360 1080x360.jpeg)
Andrew Yang for president Anonymous 01/03/2019 (Thu) 02:26:28 [Preview] No. 19541 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Vote Andrew Yang for president in 2020. He'll take away corruption and inefficiency in welfare, and give everyone $1000 a month.

50 posts and 23 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 04:12:11 [Preview] No.20166 del
Also, Trump committed bank fraud by overvaluing his assets by 70% to get a 2 billion dollar loan when he only had 700 million dollars.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 05:21:05 [Preview] No.20167 del
(181.67 KB 900x1200 2e1d6c56af2a13d5.jpg)
He's an adviser he doesn't need any sort of clearance afaik or congressional approval. JFK appointed both his brother and brother in law to head different agencies.
Stratesec was a company that had security contracts with a lot of big name clients, the WTC included, but also smaller ones with prisons and universities. George HW Bush's son was on the board of directors. Looking into it though it looks like most of the contracts would have been won under the Clinton administration.

There have been quite a few appointments of family members. However there is a difference in White House staff and the typical federal employee. If I'm president and want to make my mom joint chief of staff there's a problem, if I want to make her my chief of staff that's probably okay, but she's pretty strict with bed times.

As for colluding with Russia until there's some hard and firm evidence or even speculation of WHAT THE FUCK kind of collusion we're talking here then I don't really get what you're bringing up. You can't call him the most corrupt president ever when there's an ongoing investigation that hasn't really borne any fruit, they don't even have any real allegation everything is incredibly vague. Russia interfered with the election by buying Facebook ads, they were anti-Hillary in nature supporting Trump and Bernie but any ties to Trump have been tenuous ones to people around him and all those parts of the investigation have been mostly quashed.

As for the bank thing, we'll see. I glanced at an article over it but it doesn't say when the alleged fraud occurred, but that Trump did sue them at some point:
>Despite their mutually beneficial relationship, Trump and Deutsche Bank have also been embroiled in some legal battles. Trump sued the bank for $3 billion in damages in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis in an effort to avoid repaying loans.


And I don't want to come across like I'm blindly defending Trump or anything like that. All I'm saying is he's surprisingly par for the course I think as to what to expect from a modern president other than he really doesn't have the same gravitas you'd expect from a president.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 06:03:14 [Preview] No.20168 del
(28.32 KB 550x369 Trump-Jail.jpg)
>And I don't want to come across like I'm blindly defending Trump or anything like that

But that's still exactly what you're doing.

>Trump did sue them at some point
Trump files frivolous suits and counter-sues against everyone, everyone including college students he rips off. He's an asshole without scruples, and his legal actions are worthless.

>when there's an ongoing investigation that hasn't really borne any fruit
Need I remind you his personal lawyer is sitting in a jail cell? And there have already been 34 indictments during this investigation, 6 of which were Trump's closest advisors? Grow up child, you've been conned: Trump isn't depositing 2 cents in your bank account for defending him.

The day he leaves office will be the day he is indicted, and the only thing keeping him from going to jail right now is that he's the president. He literally can't stop being president or he goes to jail.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 07:01:42 [Preview] No.20169 del
lol well the investigation is over so we'll see

Anonymous 03/24/2019 (Sun) 04:02:05 [Preview] No.20172 del
Watching Spiderman. Trump plays the Green Goblin, same accent, both evil New York CEOs.

Anonymous 03/01/2019 (Fri) 03:54:11 [Preview] No. 19966 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

all friends and very well known around the net
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Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 11:53:22 [Preview] No.20153 del
hey /g/ how to open the quick reply with q and close it with escape? also how to have the keyboard focus in the quick reply once it's opened to not have to click first to type?

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 12:10:21 [Preview] No.20154 del
>quick reply with q and close it with escape
don't think you can do that
>keyboard focus in the quick reply once it's opened to not have to click first to type?
just hold down tab lol

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 12:20:01 [Preview] No.20155 del

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 13:02:39 [Preview] No.20156 del
yea, pretty much, maybe odilitime knows, you could ask on >>>/operate/ or IRC he's normally on.
I think maybe that you're probably not able to do it just cause of Lynxchan wanting to be designed around using javascript or not using any javascript at all so there's gonna be a few less feature I believe.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 23:44:27 [Preview] No.20171 del
nntpchan is not well known

(908.67 KB 1500x1800 1553095815070.jpg)
Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 02:23:57 [Preview] No. 20163 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
The establishment is pushing Beto, and this article with all its generation ID poling made me realize that the washington Post readership is probably mostly Gen X. Gen X needs to step aside along with the Boomers, they're all libertarian cucks who want endless deregulation.


Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 10:29:37 [Preview] No.20170 del
(200.93 KB 460x333 cowardly commies.png)
Can't let the commies beat us man the red menace is real

(3.58 MB 640x360 x.mp4)
Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 11:59:16 [Preview] No. 20137 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Alex brought to tears by a black knight that forced him to watch his ancestor's kid starve to death.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 17:54:29 [Preview] No.20139 del
listen to that mother fucker. Talking about nazi aliens, black knights and assasins creed shit what the fuck

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 02:35:50 [Preview] No.20164 del
(83.58 KB 509x501 1469436760093-1.jpg)
He is an entertaining comedian, but it amazes me some people serious believe this psycho drops truth bombs. Assasins' Creed is real = Alt right stupidity in a nutshell.

Anonymous 03/23/2019 (Sat) 02:40:00 [Preview] No.20165 del
flawed as hell. He mentioned adrenochrome on jre and that is a respectable thing no matter what else he is

(328.95 KB 536x982 1536893252017.png)
Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 18:01:52 [Preview] No. 20140 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
>clipped toenails
>did bed
>did laundry
>vacuumed room

where are my GBP?

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 18:13:56 [Preview] No.20141 del
(2.15 MB 4032x3024 image_1.jpeg)
uh, look, you ain't even in the right department. but you're gonna need proof that you did all those things and a GBP requisition form then take that down to the social services offices they'll give you a voucher pending approval which you need to take down to the bursar's office to get your lil wyte ass paid mmmkay sweetie

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 19:17:12 [Preview] No.20142 del
(134.73 KB 519x537 plz help.jpg)
i don't know what you are talking about. Mummy siad she would give me 40 GBP for each.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 19:26:47 [Preview] No.20143 del
this the county services building n frankly your momma sound like a hoe 2 begin w/

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 19:42:27 [Preview] No.20145 del
thanks, nigger. Want to help me kill my mom with me? i finally understand how you niggers feel. Nothing is my fault...nothing. is ever my fault.

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 19:13:26 [Preview] No.20159 del
#Bremain and get free EUR instead

(1.35 MB 540x304 rkA6SU7w-.gif)
Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 17:01:21 [Preview] No. 20157 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
comfy discord server

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 19:07:31 [Preview] No.20158 del
comfortably links you up with the GCHQ

(4.81 MB 1280x720 14558007487460.webm)
General WebM thread Anonymous 03/05/2016 (Sat) 11:10:43 [Preview] No. 1 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Post random WebMs

Everything goes except for CP or anything that is against US Law or the Endchan rules.
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Anonymous 12/13/2017 (Wed) 22:52:17 [Preview] No.564 del

Anonymous 02/20/2018 (Tue) 09:13:37 [Preview] No.569 del
oh shit

Anonymous 08/18/2018 (Sat) 01:20:48 [Preview] No.577 del

Anonymous 03/08/2019 (Fri) 06:30:48 [Preview] No.582 del
(128.15 KB 200x250 2016.webm)

What A Great Idea, Poetic Justice! Anonymous 06/16/2018 (Sat) 17:16:31 [Preview] No. 17151 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Lets do this nation wide. Nah, fuck it. WORLDWIDE!

Yesterday VBJ (Youth party of Vlaams Belang) went to the Brussels "refugee" hotspot. They handed out contact details of notorious marxist professors, who push open-border and immigration. Those who push immigration, can start by housing and feeding them.



Those that support the illegal invasion should be the ones most effected by it. Agree?
7 posts and 2 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 17:11:49 [Preview] No.20138 del
>Obvious loud minority (you) bring immigrants to live with people that hate them
>Community rightfully confused, alienated and upset. Some speak up and make a point that they don't want to deal with it.
>Meanwhile, deceived immigrants now unknowingly living in much more dangerous habitat for them
>Their children go through hell in said environment and don't learn how to live or be familiar with their original as an alternative (not that they'd be accepted if they went "back" anyway)
>Doomed to be met with hostility no matter what in any part of the world for their entire lives
>Stuck with only safe (and absurdly selfish, conscience contradicting) option being staying under the lefts [(((you)))r] safety, promoting the destruction and ruination of their host nation populations familiarity and loyalty to themselves.
>State profits from divided, unorganized population that backstab eachother (since they now have less in common)

You are the assholes.
If you want to accept immigrants that's fine but do it yourselves and don't force it on everyone else. (Not to mention you just want to exploit them for more labor you're not willing to do anyway. You oppressive, exploitative fucking hypocrite.)
This stuff is pretty obvious but I thought I'd spell it out again, just in case. As a reminder.

lol no.
If it wasn't for the state and its absurd regulations and resource (land) hogging we could just make the stuff we need ourselves and be done with it. Maybe rely on a small community to specialize the work and trade among ourselves exclusively. But now we're artificially forced to rely on foreign labor. The cost of the alternative is forbidding in our current circumstances. (And frankly, requires a financial contribution to the state to ensure the continuation of its oppressive grip on the people and the resources surrounding them.)

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 20:01:49 [Preview] No.20146 del
Kefka would be smarter than >>20138

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 20:12:26 [Preview] No.20147 del
This is how right-wingers are retarded, they argue cynically and with sophistry, bringing out the "you're the REAL oppressors and hypocrites" argument whenever they're confronted with practical solutions, completely turning coat after arguing how being oppressive hypocrite is FREEDOM when right wing does it.

And it's retarded because it's transparent as shit, all it does it make it clear it's pointless to argue with right-wing bydlos and take the power of diplomacy away from them, leading only to a stronger leftist government.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 21:51:41 [Preview] No.20149 del
(15.17 KB 480x360 dfsda.jpg)

Anonymous 03/22/2019 (Fri) 07:35:10 [Preview] No.20150 del
okay I don't know wtf endchan is doing but it ate my post twice now

the gist of it was the 8/pol/ mentality is dumb, defeatist and hypocritical and taking in immigrants from war-torn arab countries is dumb too because it's bad for everybody.

Anonymous 03/14/2019 (Thu) 18:31:49 [Preview] No. 20055 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I'm here because 8chan feels a fucking lot like cuckchan now.
It's double cuckchan basically, I'm confident a lot of you guys know that feel.
11 posts and 4 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/16/2019 (Sat) 09:29:49 [Preview] No.20081 del
(107.48 KB 1280x831 cc6281d08323f832.jpeg)
wut a shame

Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 22:02:54 [Preview] No.20115 del
I am here because I liek cricket and /sp/ has made this is the most Indian chan. Celebrating Holi right now.

Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 22:03:16 [Preview] No.20116 del
I am here because I liek cricket and /sp/ has made this is the most Indian chan. Celebrating Holi right now.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 10:10:06 [Preview] No.20136 del
so holi is an indian thing?

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 19:37:57 [Preview] No.20144 del
it's on it's dead bed
jim is going for broke

I crucified a man today...just to watch him die...to see if I still feel? Anonymous 08/08/2018 (Wed) 19:27:52 [Preview] No. 18059 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Saudi Arabia crucified a man in Mecca while aggressively calling out Canada over human rights

Imagine no religion, it's easy if you try.
63 posts and 18 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/06/2019 (Wed) 20:02:03 [Preview] No.19982 del
(70.40 KB 575x432 1551622640410.jpg)
i herd he also likes sum nigger dicks

Anonymous 03/06/2019 (Wed) 21:40:51 [Preview] No.19983 del
(39.76 KB 480x480 bitchofanearth.jpg)
Imagine being an atheist, its easy to die miserably

Anonymous 03/07/2019 (Thu) 02:50:09 [Preview] No.19984 del
(6.20 KB 275x183 download (1).jpeg)
Imagine being a thoughtless Christian, it's easy to live an unlived life.

Anonymous 03/07/2019 (Thu) 04:19:57 [Preview] No.19985 del
(717.95 KB 1280x720 fuck_you.webm)
imagine being gay like these two niggers

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 06:29:41 [Preview] No.20134 del

Defense lawyer sentenced to jail and 100+ lashes for representing an activist who refused to wear a hijab.

Bernie Sanders running hard Anonymous 02/20/2019 (Wed) 03:34:29 [Preview] No. 19907 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Good news, the old man is running again! And I think he is fit enough to outrun Trump!
https://youtube.com/watch?v=orLwJmo1zfI [Embed]
11 posts and 10 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/23/2019 (Sat) 17:16:31 [Preview] No.19941 del
This is true with anyone on any political isle who are grassroots activists or populists. They actually do this to Trump as well, although unlike Bernie (who is more a grassroots activist) Trump happens to be a populist (note he was never political before he ran for office).

I am one who believes Bernie was cheated by the DNC - thus the DNC emails were leaked by an employee (Bernie Bro Seth Rich) who was later killed to cover that whole mess up. Clinton cheated in the primaries, they rigged it for Hillary. And I do believe Hillary was supposed to win the 2016 election (as it was planned that way in advance). The reason why they panicked and are slandering Trump (the same way they are panicking and slandering Mr. Sanders right now) is because none of this was intended to happen. It just did naturally, because the American people want something new, not the same old corrupt BS over and over and over again.

My point is anyone not a part of "the exclusive club" is going to have the media blasting them 24/7 because we DO have state-run media, they are on the side of the establishment and always will be. Whenever they attack, you know they are scared and something poses a threat to those they really work for.

Anonymous 02/24/2019 (Sun) 02:25:32 [Preview] No.19943 del
(69.99 KB 840x687 Yeonjung2.jpg)
They've been talking about Schultz for like a year and half or so. Everyone knew he was going to run.
Sanders just attacks his credibility, not anything he's saying. Oh what he was successful in the private sector so people just listen to him? People listen to CNN because Ted Turner was successful.

Anonymous 02/24/2019 (Sun) 23:46:03 [Preview] No.19948 del
Sure I agree it's usually stupid to listen to billionaires whose interests seldom align with the people. But I'd also add that it's stupid to listen to millionaires who are funded by billionaires.

>People listen to CNN because Ted Turner was successful.

But why do people listen to Tucker Carlson when he hasn't done anything successful on his own power in his life? The guy is literally a millionaire funded by billionaires, like the 18 billion dollar Rupert Murdoch who owns both the Wall Street Journal and Fox news. Turner fights critics of the Koch brothers, and was a member of the Cato institute until 2015. (The Cato Institute is a big business think tank that fights against higher taxes on corporations, and against workers' rights.)

See this video. (Tucker didn't air this Fox news interview because his liberal historian called him out as a fake populist, and then he was left speechless.)

https://youtube.com/watch?v=6_nFI2Zb7qE [Embed]

Anonymous 02/25/2019 (Mon) 03:52:40 [Preview] No.19951 del
(31.85 MB 1280x720 FLsd-Z6H_lj0VNrw.mp4)
The Bernie memes will definitely be fun.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 05:53:36 [Preview] No.20130 del
Host: "Bernie, everybody adopted your platform why do you need to run?"

Bernie: " I think the real question is, why do they need to run?"

Anonymous 08/29/2018 (Wed) 17:20:54 [Preview] No. 18458 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Religion in America:

Step 1 : Do something to piss off other people and do it in the name of religion and religious freedom.

Step 2 : Get told you can't do that.

Step 3 : Whine and complain about how christians are oppressed.

Seriously, this shit is just a broken record over the last 100 years.
50 posts and 14 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/07/2019 (Thu) 14:10:11 [Preview] No.19998 del

Anonymous 03/07/2019 (Thu) 14:10:31 [Preview] No.19999 del

Anonymous 03/12/2019 (Tue) 00:57:53 [Preview] No.20034 del
If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 03:38:46 [Preview] No.20127 del
If there was a global flood you would have fresh water mixing with ocean water. All the strictly fresh water and/or all the strictly salt water animals would certainly die. Depending on the ratios ocean life may be largely unaffected but either way there would still be mass extinction of many many species.

Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 04:29:09 [Preview] No.20129 del
(128.54 KB 1118x1106 Jesus_shit.jpg)
good facebook post m8

(242.62 KB 1075x883 1552327406130.jpg)
Anonymous 03/12/2019 (Tue) 01:08:49 [Preview] No. 20035 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
capitalism is shit
>dude you can do anything if you work hard enough lmao XD
except majority of rich people were born into rich families like in some fucking medieval society when I heard Trump got ONLY 1 million dollars from his father I thought I'm gonna LMAO, social mobility is fucking shit right now.
12 posts and 5 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 12:11:23 [Preview] No.20108 del
(35.85 KB 640x593 D1Ld2SzU8AAzmSF.jpeg)
True capitalism doesn't work. If you want to claim this isn't capitalism, that's basically the no true scotsman argument. Unless you think we need to go back to the guilded age when kids did forced labor, there was no universal schooling, the police was corrupt and mainly onky protected the rich, and would beat up the unions. You know, the days when capitalists would hire mercenaries to machine gun strikere (in the Ludwig massacre.)

Rich people aren't always against socialism. They dont complain about paying taxes to support the fire/police departments when the fire department protects their house. They like socialism for the rich, (what you call crony capitalism or wall street bailouts), and more oppose socialism for the poor (welfare, rent control, universal medicare, free college.) So if you can put down the Washington post, and leave aside any prior ideological aversion to the word socialism, all socialists really want is to choose who gets to consume most of the pie. Should it be .001% of the capitalists, who overall work the least, or the 99+% laborers?

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 07:39:04 [Preview] No.20117 del
Some people write software as a hobby. Once written, it can be freely copied to everyone on the planet who needs it.

Some people grow vegetables as hobby. Do you think they grow enough to feed everyone on the planet?

the reason Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 08:58:52 [Preview] No.20119 del
definatly you should be able to plant a field build a house and survive off your own work now you can't work unless its for someone you should be able to survive without money tending the fields is the work god meant when he said a man don't work he don't eat. now theres no land just roads so you cant just plant a garden and live cause they need you there not going to go do the work but they want to get paid though faith without works is dead.

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 21:44:28 [Preview] No.20126 del
Actually reading the thread you're replying to is for faggets amrite?


Anonymous 03/21/2019 (Thu) 03:43:50 [Preview] No.20128 del
I have a peach tree in my front yard, and sometimes people steal some fruit, and my neighbors chase them away when they see it, though I don't care because I can't possibly eat them all anyway. There's a Ring.com woman who posted a video shaming a woman for picking lines from a big tree in her front yard. These people are so selfish, they're not farmers, but they've been trained to hoard everything on their property even though it's obvious most of the limes will fall and rot on the ground.

(431.26 KB 1600x900 10791.jpg)
ChaosEsque Anthology Anonymous 06/02/2016 (Thu) 14:36:57 [Preview] No. 42 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
ChaosEsque Anthology is a first person shooter. It is a standalone modification of Xonotic which includes extended weapons, maps, vehicles, buildable buildings, mounted weapons, spell casting, monsters, player characters, textures, and game modes.

It has over 100 maps. Some are futuristic, some are ancient, and some are medieval. A few evoke platform games such as sonic, others follow a style more akin to diablo. Some are static maps, others are randomly connected.

There is something to fit your mood. There are mutators that can add mounted weapons in any map, buildings, monsters, foliage, hazards, and even balloons and bumpers. You can fight with futuristic weapons, medieval weapons, and /or hand to hand combat (over 100 weapons). There are also many vehicles (and a mutator to spawn them in maps that do not have them, as is tradition (as you can see)).

You can also set each team to start with different specific weapons if you want to test a theory that you could defeat a well equipped military force with your bolt action rifle or crossbow. Same with vehicles and mounted weapons spawning (you can set which spawn near which team in CTF etc). You can drink wine, potions, learn magic, read scrolls, so on and so forth.

The goal, and much of this has been reached, is to not limit the player.
200 posts and 82 images omitted.

lamer 03/01/2019 (Fri) 21:04:07 [Preview] No.468 del
// entity 1
"classname" "spawnradial"
"origin" "0.000000 0.000000 128.000000"
"spawnradial_rads" "2"
"spawnradial_scts" "12"
"spawnradial_spawn" "foliage_beechtree"
"spawnradial_originoffset" "2056"
"spawnradial_scts_scale" "2"
"spawnradial_degrees" "180"
"spawnradial_extend" "30"
"spawnradial_rad_offset" "512"
"scale" "1"
"spawnradial_droptofloor" "1"

// entity 5

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

lamer 03/01/2019 (Fri) 21:13:53 [Preview] No.469 del
>Mike, do you prefer to be referred to as MikeUSA or MikeeUSA? I always thought it was the former but then I noticed that a lot of your usernames used the latter.


lamer 03/01/2019 (Fri) 21:20:35 [Preview] No.470 del
What are your thoughts on the game etc?

lamer 03/20/2019 (Wed) 22:03:29 [Preview] No.471 del
Reminds me of something a quake boomer would play

lamer 03/20/2019 (Wed) 22:12:15 [Preview] No.472 del
Also it has the same art style as that one mobile game made by a tranny called revolution 60.

(95.00 KB 650x341 15186238927320.jpg)
Anonymous 03/13/2019 (Wed) 19:12:35 [Preview] No. 20047 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Come join the shitposting fun at http://spacechan.xyz/b/
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Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 13:40:01 [Preview] No.20109 del
not as ugly as your mom though

Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 13:43:20 [Preview] No.20110 del
Absolutely overbearing moderators.

Anonymous 03/19/2019 (Tue) 14:08:56 [Preview] No.20111 del

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 16:47:44 [Preview] No.20124 del
kek, based mods

Star Citizen debacle Anonymous 02/11/2019 (Mon) 06:43:33 [Preview] No. 11522 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Destroyed by rampart mismanagement (i.e. corruption.) It's sad how too much money can often easily destroy projects, which is the opposite of what you'd think. The best games are often indie games now rather than soulless commercial junk food.


Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 10:56:58 [Preview] No.11523 del
(493.38 KB 930x528 gamer_food.png)

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 11:42:19 [Preview] No.11524 del
"In March 2017, CIG announced Star Citizen would eventually use the Vulkan API and drop support for the DirectX 12 API to support Linux and pre-Windows 10 users."

Changing graphics APIs six years in... This is what happens when a noob with a dream hits it big with a kickstarter campaign. Anyone who has done this before knows fundamentals like whose tech they're going to use and why before they even start talking to others about it.

They're still probably lost. Vulkan 32 bit doesn't work, so unless you are consciously leaving 32-bit platforms behind or actually need a multithreaded graphics API (you don't, and if you do you're doing it wrong) OpenGL is still the way to go for multiplatform games like this.

(180.03 KB 750x729 nanofavicon.png)
NANOCHAN Anonymous 03/08/2019 (Fri) 14:17:13 [Preview] No. 20009 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hey guys. Maybe you know this already but we're a hidden service imageboard with absolutely NO javascript or cookies. No captcha at the moment although the admin sometimes enables it for spam. Comfy but a few more users would be nice, come check it out!
>no CP
>no flooding
>epub, pdf, audio, video, image uploads
>floating reply box and reply links which work without javascript (unlike here)
>no annoying captcha bypass bullshit

https://nanochanxv2lxnqi.onion (SELF SIGNED)
https://nanochancsvnej4vxiidu4fhpchkxffl3mgqypub63xadeetkjttavqd.onion (SELF SIGNED)
14 posts and 4 images omitted.

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 04:24:59 [Preview] No.20096 del
I can't get connected to Nanochan
is it ded?

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 04:49:17 [Preview] No.20097 del
Nano is run off a laptop. He disconnects fairly often.

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 08:09:38 [Preview] No.20098 del
She said there was a power outage caused by a storm or some shit but it's back up now

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 23:36:39 [Preview] No.20106 del
You should include that it is an explicitly NatSoc imageboard. You can have your opinions and such, but I would rather not bother with groupthink imageboards.

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 10:50:40 [Preview] No.20121 del
What are you talking about? It does not exist. There is nothing to connect to. Nobody has ever connected to it. Nobody has ever even made crappy hand-drawn photoshops of a connection to it.

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 04:38:26 [Preview] No.20087 del
well she is underage

Anonymous 03/20/2019 (Wed) 08:21:36 [Preview] No.20118 del
Old enough for Shakespeare.

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 09:59:01 [Preview] No. 20099 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
this girl added me on one account and because i ignored her she made two more accounts to add me

you jelly yet, endbums?

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 10:01:38 [Preview] No.20100 del
(21.44 KB 572x161 Screenshot.PNG)
forgot pic

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 14:12:04 [Preview] No.20102 del
why would i be jelly of a stalker

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 15:11:52 [Preview] No.20103 del
yup, complete with peanut butter

(44.71 KB 600x450 google.jpg)
lol google Anonymous 03/06/2019 (Wed) 08:47:54 [Preview] No. 19981 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]

Google: patriarchy, oppression, male privilege, unconscious bias, feminism, feminism, toxic masculinity, bro culture, wage gap
Feminists: Did you just say wage gap?! Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit!
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Anonymous 03/14/2019 (Thu) 07:55:55 [Preview] No.20051 del
Needs OpenStreetMap as alternative to Google Maps. It sucks for address lookups and routefinding but the map data is good. Unlike most digital maps these days, it can work 100% offline.

Also LineageOS for Android without Google.

Anonymous 03/15/2019 (Fri) 06:50:13 [Preview] No.20065 del
>do neither

Anonymous 03/15/2019 (Fri) 20:48:24 [Preview] No.20068 del
Does she prefer BIC pens?

Anonymous 03/18/2019 (Mon) 13:18:29 [Preview] No.20101 del
Look like a man
Act like a girl
Think you're a man
Pretend you're the boss

(9.40 KB 514x454 wth.PNG)
Кривой хуй (crooked dick) Anonymous 08/30/2018 (Thu) 11:29:36 [Preview] No. 18527 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Сап, /b/. Пикрелейтед - стоячий хуй. Не отклонение ли это? Как исправить, если да?

Sup, /b/. Picture related is erected dick. Is this norm or not? How can I fix it if it's not norm?
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Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 00:42:45 [Preview] No.19407 del
Actually, I don't want to commit suicide right now, I'm just a bit interested in this theme. Sorry for posting to a wrong thread, I didn't notice that I only make a post, not a new thread.

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 00:48:42 [Preview] No.19408 del
i'll allow it

Anonymous 12/27/2018 (Thu) 02:00:55 [Preview] No.19409 del
depression is someything a lot of people go through and is absolutely treatable

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 16:07:54 [Preview] No.20089 del
Кривой хуй is good 4 the bagina

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 16:08:27 [Preview] No.20090 del

EFT or hemp oil

Is endchan up for it? Anonymous 07/11/2018 (Wed) 19:26:32 [Preview] No. 17516 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
the winner takes all

is the thrill of one more kill

the last one to fall

will never sacrifice their will
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Anonymous 12/26/2018 (Wed) 03:07:42 [Preview] No.19392 del
(88.50 KB 800x533 800px-Carrots.JPG)
Merry Christmas and may the CARROTS be plentiful!

Anonymous 01/06/2019 (Sun) 15:03:08 [Preview] No.19590 del
anyone wants to play today?

Anonymous 03/16/2019 (Sat) 10:35:43 [Preview] No.20082 del
i have bad news for anyone who's been following, the development of this game has stopped indefinetly

Anonymous 03/16/2019 (Sat) 16:46:38 [Preview] No.20083 del
start it back up cause I still don't understand

Anonymous 03/17/2019 (Sun) 07:26:54 [Preview] No.20088 del
it was a videogame being made in unity, it's goal was to be a fast paced top down third person RPG fighting game with grand strategy components, this demo featured 10v10 fights (see the rules image near the top of this thread for more information)

(274.79 KB 331x440 444.PNG)
Anonymous 03/15/2019 (Fri) 13:55:34 [Preview] No. 20066 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
just leave it here

(9.11 KB 305x165 download (2).jpeg)
Rainwater collection Anonymous 03/09/2019 (Sat) 03:16:58 [Preview] No. 20013 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I love this idea of using rain buckets to capture the runoff from the roofs for irrigation. I already have solar panels on the roof so this is the next step toward living a zero carbon lifestyle. It amazes me that people aren't already capturing rain from their roofs, which should be REQUIRED for residential buildings, along with solar or wind. My water utility bill last month was 30 dollars, but if I get enough rain buckets maybe I would never have to water my lawn again.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=J1vRcEreOhs [Embed]

Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:01:56 [Preview] No.20021 del
it's illegal in murica

Anonymous 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:13:15 [Preview] No.20023 del
Tell that to the green acres soaking it up. Arrest the land. Lock down the land. Dig into a hole and bury ourselves let us nestle in the earth.

Anonymous 03/12/2019 (Tue) 00:32:32 [Preview] No.20033 del
It rains so much where I live, there's no point. Water utility is almost free, my monthly bill is all administrative and delivery charges, actual usage cost is nil.

Anonymous 03/14/2019 (Thu) 13:19:56 [Preview] No.20053 del
It still costs money to pump the water to your house, and that means electricity which means unnecessary global warming. You probably have enough water on your roof to flush your toilets and water your gardens for free.

America does have idiotic water laws, but it's more stupid to comply and pay the local water monopoly more than you have to. And what are you going to do if there's a 5 day blackout and water stops flowing like in Venezuela?
https://youtube.com/watch?v=pY740f_Srp8 [Embed]

You can be prepared with 100 gallons of renewable water in a bucket you can boil, plus what is in your water heater. And if you buy a 1000 gallon cistern you can grow crops, or trade it to needy neighbors for their goodwill.

(203.92 KB 894x894 1468300503573.jpg)
Anonymous 07/12/2016 (Tue) 07:20:39 [Preview] No. 1256 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
4chan’s /mlp/ just made an album full of horse music


Here’s the Bandcamp link for free download (if you decide to pay, all money goes to the Autism Society of America) – https://mlpplays.bandcamp.com/album/no-fun-allowed
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Anonymous 12/20/2016 (Tue) 14:32:57 [Preview] No. 1572 del
this is the worst thread on endchan mu so far

Anonymous 12/20/2016 (Tue) 14:35:31 [Preview] No. 1573 del
can*t we just ban 4chan posters and also get a moderator?

discount cialis Anonymous 04/25/2017 (Tue) 03:39:19 [Preview] No. 1676 del

Anonymous 07/03/2017 (Mon) 09:34:03 [Preview] No. 1713 del
This is unironically good, shit