(458.32 KB 1320x1760 1602932480765.jpg)
Thots # 11 Anon 03/20/2023 (Mon) 04:44 [Preview] No. 8581 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
General IG, porn and erotic content
83 posts and 241 images omitted.

Anon 02/10/2024 (Sat) 21:22 [Preview] No.10177 del
(2.96 MB 650x720 footy-ass.webm)

Anon 02/22/2024 (Thu) 19:23 [Preview] No.10268 del
Les voya arobar los bideos del mujercito brasileiro. si no es mucho pedo

Anon 02/23/2024 (Fri) 21:38 [Preview] No.10269 del

sage sage 02/29/2024 (Thu) 08:22 [Preview] No.51809 del
I swear to God Ken tards are the most retarded posters on the entire board

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 09:19 [Preview] No.51815 del
Sosa is a misyognistic rapist and pedrophile. A bit different.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 09:24 [Preview] No.51817 del
He fucked or raped Ciara depending on whose version of the story you believe. To call him an Incel is cope.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 12:38 [Preview] No.51826 del
Michael please stop promoting your mid girlfriend here she's not an egirl anymore

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:35 [Preview] No.51881 del
>To call him an Incel is cope.
He's an incel no matter how many retarded women he manages to put his dick into, no amount of mouthbreating dope addicted women will ever wipe the incel stench off of him.

(174.50 KB 1153x2048 GGot0dhXEAAwXGZ.jpg)
Cewl Thread #3 Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 22:07 [Preview] No. 51366 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
No, she doesn't have a secret boyfriend ...or does she?

iPad kid edition


Previous: >>48366
363 posts and 44 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:43 [Preview] No.51872 del
Where is Ciara's life at?

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:45 [Preview] No.51873 del
(74.71 KB 719x853 ivE6aLx.jpg)
Ok I don't care because ciara is cuter than you and it makes you seethe. U would be more whorish if u were prettier, making fun of a girl that died at the age of 19 wont make anons like you more

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:51 [Preview] No.51874 del
>Ciara: dead
>Cewl: alive
I know which one I prefer

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:59 [Preview] No.51875 del
>here's your e-girl, bro

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:33 [Preview] No.51880 del
Ciara was pretty and didn't lie to her orbiters.

Cewl is ugly and won't even tell her orbiters that she has a boyfriend.

I know which one I prefer.

(137.49 KB 1024x768 1911.jpg)
(64.10 KB 320x240 angry pistol.jpg)
(35.95 KB 500x500 icarly gun.jpg)
(103.76 KB 1080x1350 laura laprida gun.jpg)
Leap Day Thread Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 16:42 [Preview] No. 52251 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
"The game was rigged from the start" edition

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 16:46 [Preview] No.52252 del
(64.67 KB 284x480 lany_kabat4_nagy.png)
(68.01 KB 284x480 lany_kabat5_nagy.png)
Manly hand.

Doc 02/29/2024 (Thu) 18:02 [Preview] No.52262 del
(321.68 KB 720x1080 wQugW0n08Xg.jpg)
It's better to be on the friend/cool side always. As long as it doesn't come off as indifference.

Trying to control too much or protecting her too much from consequences are the basic ways of making it worse, you can only hope to not make it worse. Actual protection/guidance in today's world is too much to ask.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:23 [Preview] No.52263 del

(1.49 MB 1607x1200 Lynn.png)
Lynn / zombiebeatz2000 Anonymous 11/28/2023 (Tue) 05:51 [Preview] No. 39897 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I found this girl named Lynn / zombiebeatz2000, I think she's pretty cute.

Original Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@zombiebeatz2000/featured
New Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@Nadesico-la
216 posts and 100 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:13 [Preview] No.51862 del
(423.11 KB 1167x875 74Y2394532945732749.jpg)

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:42 [Preview] No.51871 del
Bro why are you being so rude, I just want you to post the pics, I didn’t even insult you.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:15 [Preview] No.51877 del

Pussy ass faggot post them

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:21 [Preview] No.51878 del
(2.08 MB 480x270 tomoko.gif)

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:23 [Preview] No.51879 del
(202.87 KB 469x400 fbc.png)

(59.68 KB 750x937 IMG_1488.jpg)
Audrey thread #7 Anonymous 02/25/2024 (Sun) 02:29 [Preview] No. 51131 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
22 posts and 4 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 04:11 [Preview] No.51574 del
Huh I wonder who all those new people she's been recently adding to instagram are

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 15:21 [Preview] No.51612 del

Well what the fuck are these?

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 14:42 [Preview] No.51834 del
(178.58 KB 1331x1000 IMG_0437.jpg)
(574.54 KB 658x886 same wall.png)
it's her

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 15:45 [Preview] No.51838 del
What a let down those puppies are UGLLLY

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 20:04 [Preview] No.51876 del
what'd you expect honestly

Anonymous 02/22/2024 (Thu) 21:23 [Preview] No.50670 del
You could not even see her body in any of the pictures
Was marshmall0we I think but it does not show up when searched anymore

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 12:33 [Preview] No.51823 del
(21.72 KB 540x468 1709073801325.jpg)
(22.67 KB 540x452 1709072882100.jpg)
(129.11 KB 474x512 1709072028750.jpg)
Are these actually her????

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:16 [Preview] No.51864 del
Yep it looks like her, are u face blind?

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:26 [Preview] No.51867 del
woohoo queen bee is back

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 19:39 [Preview] No.51870 del
Where? Any news?

(898.68 KB 828x1282 1707164870753811.jpg)
Iris Thread #2 Anonymous 02/25/2024 (Sun) 00:37 [Preview] No. 51118 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
56 posts and 17 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 07:40 [Preview] No.51800 del
I'm not watching that, I'm just telling you now.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 14:00 [Preview] No.51832 del
R9k youtuber, why is that a thing? R9k is not that interesting

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 18:55 [Preview] No.51853 del
dang she's hot

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 18:57 [Preview] No.51854 del

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 18:57 [Preview] No.51855 del
message her right now and see :p

(223.01 KB 1170x1554 GGfDXjyXgAEV7V9.jpeg)
New thread! 百合 02/20/2024 (Tue) 00:53 Id: df80d1 [Preview] No. 224729 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough.
439 posts and 428 images omitted.

Kimmy Svenningsen Hime#badfox 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:30 Id: 1ad005 [Preview] No.225178 del
(2.28 MB 2160x2160 1709178645329510.png)

百合 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:31 Id: 9e1796 [Preview] No.225179 del
(1.51 MB 1270x1047 02ba57_11148583.png)

Kimmy Svenningsen Hime#badfox 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:31 Id: 1ad005 [Preview] No.225180 del
(168.41 KB 1073x1200 1709086257442727.jpg)

百合 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:36 Id: 9e1796 [Preview] No.225181 del

(812.13 KB 1449x1080 ika.jpg)
Ika-chan Thread #2 Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 09:00 [Preview] No. 51275 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Ika-chan Thread

Thread for our aspiring idol Ika (she may have fas).

Previous: >>48547





Message too long. Click here to view full text.

76 posts and 18 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 05:43 [Preview] No.51581 del

You're all a bunch of libs. She should lose you all. Poor little ugly thing that she is - she's lucky that I have such a pure Christian heart that I can look over her appearance and love her when no one else will.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 05:46 [Preview] No.51582 del
(689.62 KB 1938x1445 IMG_0291.jpeg)
>You're all a bunch of libs. She should lose you all. Poor little ugly thing that she is - she's lucky that I have such a pure Christian heart that I can look over her appearance and love her when no one else will.

kam#ZY3a6p 02/28/2024 (Wed) 12:47 [Preview] No.51596 del
you're such a goofball tura

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 21:14 [Preview] No.51703 del
(234.90 KB 476x378 male.png)
This is what she'd look like as a male

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 12:36 [Preview] No.51825 del
So...the same but with short hair?

(171.03 KB 1437x1080 collage.jpg)
2024 Collage Anonymous 02/04/2024 (Sun) 14:12 [Preview] No. 48003 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
these are the only egirls ive seen post so far this year. if you see another please post a link to their post here and i will add them in the future!
147 posts and 29 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 22:35 [Preview] No.51738 del

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 22:51 [Preview] No.51741 del

Will every single negrette on the internet start to self-promote here???
We should rename the board to "Laquisha2"

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 00:46 [Preview] No.51752 del

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 03:23 [Preview] No.51757 del
Pukara mogged so hard they banned her name

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 12:35 [Preview] No.51824 del
Irrelevant rando who was accused of pedrophilia or something

Tinker thread #2 Anonymous 02/09/2024 (Fri) 21:29 [Preview] No. 48600 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Return of the mouse edition

Instagram: roadkillbaby00108
Someone please post invite to her server
143 posts and 84 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 05:07 [Preview] No.51578 del
(427.82 KB 827x1087 IMG_5184.png)

Sage 02/28/2024 (Wed) 15:33 [Preview] No.51614 del
Stop selfposting kat and go tend to your lunatic bestie before he cuts again

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:14 [Preview] No.51763 del

Leave her alone fucker.

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 06:14 [Preview] No.51783 del
(32.84 KB 539x541 d7wo4fgpbbf41.jpg)

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 12:21 [Preview] No.51822 del
(70.10 KB 500x596 1709070310771.jpg)

why did you retards remove the 2022 collage thread? Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 08:38 [Preview] No. 51811 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
this is an egirl board. itd be nice to have an archive of past egirls, especially since some dont have their own thread

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 08:39 [Preview] No.51812 del

Anonymous Board owner 02/29/2024 (Thu) 09:48 [Preview] No.51818 del
Because a '2024 Collage' thread was made and superseded it. We don't need the board filled with obsolete threads. They're all the same thing, we don't need multiple of them on the board. Really, they should all be consolidated under a single heading. There hadn't been any posts in that thread in weeks when it was deleted and it didn't seem likely that there would be many in the future, either.

Nothing about that thread suggested to me that it was any sort of 'archive,' either, and it didn't appear to function that way at all. It seemed more of a topical thread that had outlived its usefulness. I didn't see anything within it that I thought necessary or worthwhile to keep on the board. It was up for 8 months and had about 70 posts.

If you want some sort of 'archive of past egirls' thread, that can't already reasonably be subsumed under any of the existing threads, then make a topic clearly about and dedicated to that with a thought out OP.

Miyoko 12/09/2021 (Thu) 21:37 [Preview] No. 7518 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Miyoko Thread

goodmorning champions
Edited last time by Octave on 05/28/2023 (Sun) 19:18.
143 posts and 80 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/25/2024 (Sun) 18:31 [Preview] No.51186 del
(988.50 KB 897x1353 1668202210422.jpg)
(152.70 KB 1280x887 1664754450988.jpg)
(448.99 KB 1170x2079 1664502254174.jpg)
of course! she's the prettiest girl to ever grace this board

very pretty also IRL

Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 04:52 [Preview] No.51266 del
>very pretty also IRL
This guy has fucked her nigger ass

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 22:54 [Preview] No.51744 del
Can someone tell miyoko chadmarco wants to interview her

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 05:49 [Preview] No.51770 del
You are a failed YouTuber who gets averages 100 views per video shut the fuck up

Anonymous 02/29/2024 (Thu) 09:17 [Preview] No.51814 del
She blasian or one of those fake blasians?

(466.17 KB 1280x720 end-xmas-spec.jpg)
Invitation to Endchan's Fourth Christmas Special! Anonymous Global volunteer 12/22/2019 (Sun) 18:36 [Preview] No. 902 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
I almost forgot about you guys.

Discussion thread with vid list:

114 posts and 61 images omitted.

Anon 12/17/2023 (Sun) 21:27 [Preview] No.9901 del
(896.75 KB 2256x3162 grand-prix-1966.jpg)
Endchan's 8th Birthday is coming. On the 20th we're streaming Grand Prix.
The movie will start at 20:00 Mexico City Time (9pm EST, 6pm PST).

Anon Admin 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:09 [Preview] No.9906 del
(1.52 MB 2880x1800 2023-invite2.jpg)
Hola Amigo!
Endchan Christmas Special Marathon is coming, on the 26th!
No specific time, it'll go on all day, so you can only miss it if you miss the day. :^)
Here's the list of what we have: >>>/operate/18938

Anon 02/02/2024 (Fri) 20:04 [Preview] No.10092 del
Not giving up on you, Amigo.
Watching Alone in the Wilderness this Saturday (tomorrow).
Should be at 2am and 3pm Mexico City time.
You know the place.

Anon 02/28/2024 (Wed) 17:25 [Preview] No.10278 del
(165.44 KB 1000x1426 shaolin-soccer.jpg)
(77.54 KB 636x714 shaolin-reaction.jpg)
Shaolin Soccer on the 2nd
Should be at 2am and 3pm Mexico City time.

Anon 02/29/2024 (Thu) 04:45 [Preview] No.10279 del
No alcanzé. Aaaaaaa

(1.34 MB 1208x758 guess whos back.png)
Marky Thread #19 - Weak & Confused Edition Anonymous 02/04/2024 (Sun) 17:14 [Preview] No. 48030 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Our Cursed Unholy Maiden, Tsarina of Rhode Island, Queen of Judea, Grand Duchess of Newport Marky Jane Thompson
In previous episodes: >>42657

Old picture collections
>>25646 Marky.rar [2016]
>>25615 Album pa2i7 - Imgur.zip [2016]
>>30878 Marky-secret-stash.7z [2018]

>>34653 mirh [2010 → 2013]
>>27484 haiselnet + >>33243 >>33258 full-res selfies [2013 → 2018]

>>33232 Marky Dolls & Figures.zip
>>34653 haiselnet [2019 → 2020] >>34556 mirlodie [2020 → 2022]
>>34727 mir_png / mirinoru / tain_pudding [2021 → 2022]
>>34619 mircolat [2021] >>33249 purintain [2022]

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

124 posts and 20 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 01:13 [Preview] No.51558 del
Ekat is a woman who used to pretend to be a 14 year old misguided russian prostitute to gain egirls' trust to help andrei manipulate them. Andrei is a different person.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 01:14 [Preview] No.51559 del
"Logged off" but less than a year ago did a drunken live stream while threatening suicide and posting her selfies here.

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 02:23 [Preview] No.51562 del
andrei is ekat

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 19:42 [Preview] No.51674 del
Andre was right
I think she learned her lesson after that

Anonymous 02/28/2024 (Wed) 22:54 [Preview] No.51743 del
but if that was true, why does ekat remain after all this time as an active personality? why would someone keep their sockpuppet account for no reason while they themselves aren't also online. what's the point?

(39.69 KB 450x450 End-clapboard.jpg)
(271.69 KB 700x1050 4-lions1s.jpg)
Endchan Movie Corner Anonymous Admin 01/31/2021 (Sun) 20:08 [Preview] No. 776 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Hello there!
Here's an invite to our next movie night on our cytube channel.
We stream a movie on these occasions, the next is on February 6th. Featuring: Four Lions
At 8:00 and 21:00 UTC.

51 posts and 39 images omitted.

Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:27 [Preview] No.43796 del
No one cares about that

Anonymous 12/25/2023 (Mon) 16:42 [Preview] No.44077 del
(106.15 KB 510x802 santapu.png)
Some might. You aren't a telepath.
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous 01/04/2024 (Thu) 21:01 [Preview] No.45600 del
The Siege of Jadotville
January 6th
At 8 and 21 UTC - 3am, 4pm EST

Anonymous 01/31/2024 (Wed) 19:25 [Preview] No.47794 del
Alone in the Wilderness
On February 3rd, at:
- UTC: 8:00, 21:00
- EST: 3am, 4pm

Anonymous Admin 02/28/2024 (Wed) 14:57 [Preview] No.51611 del
(165.44 KB 1000x1426 shaolin-soccer.jpg)
(77.54 KB 636x714 shaolin-reaction.jpg)
March 2nd
Shaolin Soccer
At 8 and 21 UTC / 3am, 4pm EST

(616.47 KB 672x848 todo.mp4)
Jana Thread # 20 Anon 02/28/2024 (Wed) 03:25 [Preview] No. 10276 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
TODO Edition

Anon 02/28/2024 (Wed) 07:15 [Preview] No.10277 del
DeepL says she speaks Portuguese.

any of her? there are more in a public train, in the shower, in a room, etc
46 posts and 36 images omitted.

Anonymous 11/18/2023 (Sat) 00:39 [Preview] No.38391 del
shut up retard.

Anonymous 11/24/2023 (Fri) 20:57 [Preview] No.39587 del
I want to fuck

Anonymous 12/24/2023 (Sun) 13:44 [Preview] No.43834 del
Cheap whore

Anonymous 02/07/2024 (Wed) 02:45 [Preview] No.48284 del

Anonymous 02/27/2024 (Tue) 20:06 [Preview] No.51471 del
(57.90 KB 542x720 mpv-shot0001.jpg)
(58.19 KB 542x720 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
(76.36 KB 480x640 mpv-shot0003.jpg)
(77.75 KB 480x640 mpv-shot0004.jpg)
(76.28 KB 480x640 mpv-shot0005.jpg)

(97.52 KB 1334x750 IMG_0728.jpg)
Wren Thread Anonymous 04/13/2022 (Wed) 19:40 [Preview] No. 11825 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
What's our opinion on this whore?
99 posts and 54 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/18/2024 (Sun) 06:12 [Preview] No.49973 del
ugly kys thanks

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 15:10 [Preview] No.50149 del
nudes of this mentally ill fat whore when?

Anonymous 02/19/2024 (Mon) 18:11 [Preview] No.50178 del
shes underage

Anonymous 02/20/2024 (Tue) 11:19 [Preview] No.50298 del
even better

Anonymous 02/27/2024 (Tue) 15:16 [Preview] No.51459 del
(762.84 KB 1170x1910 IMG_20240227_091323.png)
(634.79 KB 1170x2046 IMG_3510.png)
(99.11 KB 1081x481 IMG_9977.png.jpg)

Summer Thread Anonymous 12/19/2023 (Tue) 14:24 [Preview] No. 42641 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
what do you guys think of Summer from Fishtank S2?
95 posts and 52 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/07/2024 (Wed) 00:56 [Preview] No.48269 del
does anyone know what Marky's current active contacts or socials are? I subscribed to her ko-fi so I can DM it to her if she wants to collab with Marky

Anonymous 02/07/2024 (Wed) 04:12 [Preview] No.48291 del
A lot of these girls imitate marky. Ciara said she idolized her. Summer is hallucinating she was buttraped by Sam Hyde and taking nosebleed pictures like she wished she was Marky. For the internet addicted clout chasing molestation victims there is nothing higher you can aspire to than to be the next Marky. One fuck away from attaching yourself inseparably to some fringe eceleb

Anonymous 02/07/2024 (Wed) 05:58 [Preview] No.48299 del
>I had a crush on you for 5 days
Typical e-whore.

Always telling you they like you, but no sex tee-hee (as in, actual intimacy).

Virtual signalling manipulative lying whores.

Anonymous 02/07/2024 (Wed) 11:04 [Preview] No.48310 del
>she thinks people are paying for those retard scribbles she calls "art" and not getting a souvenir from a mentally ill whore melting down online

Anonymous 02/27/2024 (Tue) 14:06 [Preview] No.51455 del
(94.01 KB 748x527 IMG_2905.png)
She admitted her allegations were made during manic episode and channing egging on her lmao

(736.09 KB 1692x1128 1603836678896.jpg)
Bianca / Brandon Anonymous 07/16/2021 (Fri) 01:16 [Preview] No. 3195 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Now that we've had two years to reflect on it, let's settle this question once and for all: who was in the wrong here?
280 posts and 107 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/23/2024 (Fri) 06:48 [Preview] No.50719 del
most beautiful girl ever

Anonymous 02/24/2024 (Sat) 13:59 [Preview] No.50955 del
Yeah. It's a pity that she's dead

Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 21:36 [Preview] No.51363 del
Does anyone have the link to those carrd-like sites bianca used to have?

Agatha Thread #2 Anonymous 12/11/2023 (Mon) 08:02 [Preview] No. 41445 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Latest News:
Agatha is now one half of a musical act called Obvious Lie who made their live debut August, 17

Obvious Lie is a new Chicago-based music duo creating songs that combine experimental pop music elements with sample-based sound design and synthesis.


Previous Thread: >>28
230 posts and 50 images omitted.

Anonymous 02/23/2024 (Fri) 15:18 [Preview] No.50745 del
>You deserve to be with a CHAD like me

Anonymous 02/24/2024 (Sat) 00:53 [Preview] No.50804 del
ai hands

Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 03:37 [Preview] No.51255 del
Would you clean her lips?

Anonymous 02/26/2024 (Mon) 17:03 [Preview] No.51339 del
Yes? lmao
Wait, do you mean with a cloth or my lips?

Anonymous 02/27/2024 (Tue) 00:56 [Preview] No.51397 del
(168.53 KB 449x346 1588165927326.png)
I don't know, you decide.

(193.36 KB 1080x1920 rthyhyh.jpg)
/Nailea/ #3 Anon 09/29/2023 (Fri) 02:00 [Preview] No. 9657 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
84 posts and 314 images omitted.

Anon 02/21/2024 (Wed) 03:50 [Preview] No.10262 del
(286.38 KB 1080x1920 advvv.jpg)
(1.00 MB 720x1280 4.mp4)
(986.27 KB 720x1280 5.mp4)
(1.78 MB 720x1280 7.mp4)

Anon 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:04 [Preview] No.10263 del
(10.06 MB 720x1280 niii.mp4)
(172.19 KB 1080x1920 cuello.jpg)
(142.75 KB 1080x1920 frg.jpg)
(1.31 MB 720x1280 guaaaaa.mp4)

Anon 02/21/2024 (Wed) 04:23 [Preview] No.10264 del
(161.72 KB 1080x1920 sssss.jpg)
(150.61 KB 1080x1920 rippp.jpg)

Imageblog Anonymous 11/06/2019 (Wed) 02:50 [Preview] No. 640 [Reply] [Last 50 Posts]
Last night I had a dream where I heard again, what I suppose it could be the first words than my parents said to me the moment I was born, gonna confirm in the next days doing some questions to people (also saw more random numbers projected on my corneas).

Also just made this thread for future posts when I get a new PC, I feel dumb using meme phones.
75 posts and 65 images omitted.