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What are some good chans?

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Chaosesque anthology deleted from moddb


> Game Over

>The game you are trying to view has been deleted and is no longer available. This may have occurred at the developers request because it is no longer active and was not released, or it may have occurred because it violated the sites Terms of Use. If this is a mistake and you are a member of this games team and would like it re-activated, please contact us with the details.

>Continue browsing the game list, to find the profile you are after.

>Account Banned

>Your account has been banned. If you believe this is a mistake and want to be unbanned, please contact us. Try searching:

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GPL and programmers ("fellow" programmers are pieces of fucking shit)

>I only use mit, mpl, and apache licenced libraries. Gpl can fuck off I'm selling my work.

Is it your contention that you referencing a GPL'd library function makes your program a non-seperable derivative work of the GPL'd library?

Is that your contention?
Are you a fucking retard?
Oh, you're a programmer!

I bet you believe that editing someone else's code and then making a "diff" of your changes makes that a seperable non-derivative work too!

Stupid fucking piece of shit.
Here's a hint:
You can "link" GPL'd code as you wish from anywhere under US jurisprudence.
You cannot distribute diffs of changes you made to the GPL'd library/kernel/etc itself with ANY additional terms.

But you fucking programmers believe


>A work consisting of editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or other modifications which, as a whole, represent an original work of authorship, is a "derivative work."

>Right to Prepare Derivative WorksOnly the owner of copyright in a work has the right to pre-pare, or to authorize someone else to create, an adaptation of that work. The owner of a copyright is generally the author or someone who has obtained the exclusive rights from the author. In any case where a copyrighted work is used without the permission of the copyright owner, copyright protection will not extend to any part of the work in which such mate-rial has been used unlawfully. The unauthorized adaptation of a work may constitute copyright infringement.

Grsecurity IS violating the Linux Kernel and GCC copyrighs. You are not violating the copyright on the gpl library.

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Reply to

>>My body my ch-
>Doesn't apply to infectious diseases. You don't have the right to infect other people.
Yes you do, you piece of shit.
You come to force us to "vaxx" and we will torture you to death. Do you understand you piece of fucking shit?

We will not "sacrifice" for your society that denies us cute young virgin girls as brides.
We are your enemy.
Do you understand you piece of fucking shit?

> An Afghan girl stares at Warrant Officer Troy D. Anstine, executive officer, Headquarters and Service Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, as he explains her coloring assignment at the school near Forward Operating Base Geronimo March 31. She cautiously entered the school compound after the dodgeball game and is the first girl to attend class at the school. Marines said they hope to encourage more girls from the area to attend class in the future. Photo by Sgt. Brian Tuthill
> Just before the game had finished, an 8-year-old girl arrived to the school with three other young boys, who quickly joined the group of students while she kept her distance outside the compound.
> After the game, the school\u2019s Pashto interpreter returned and students went back to their studies. They recited and wrote Pashto numbers and then took on coloring assignments requiring them to pair the numbers to colors and color in the appropriate areas. The girl slowly and cautiously made her way into the compound and joined the class already in session.

YHWH explicitly allows child brides.
>Devarim chapter 22 verse 28 in hebrew, greek, or latin.
>If a man comes upon a girl (here: na'ar (hebrew), padia (greek), puella (latin)), and she is in her fathers house, not being betrothed, and he rapes(tahpahs), he is to give her father 50 pieces of silver, and shall not send her away all of his days, as he has humbled her.

> Nachmanides: a child may be called na'ar from the moment born

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Your trusted VPS recommendations

Except for dumb stuff like digitalocean, aws, vultr, linode

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check out these new excellent videos from The Cryto Lifestyle

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excellent video [Embed]

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The Crypto LIfestyle

Check out The Crypto Lifestyle's last value packed Stream about presales! [Embed]

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What RMS's apology should have been, with annotations


"Some have described my co-ethnic Dr Jeffery Epstein as a paedophile. In their minds he preyed upon the types of little girls you see in your anime cartoons. Let us not debate if this was true or not. The fact is that if it were true then Dr Epstein's fault was that he did not indeed collect the little girls in permanent tribute to himself, and he did not indeed pay the proper bride price to their fathers (50 shecks of silver); as our G-d, and the only g-d, has set forth as the procedure in Devarim chapter 22 verse 28."

>Instead we get:
> Some have described me as being "tone-deaf," and that is fair. With my difficulty in understanding social cues, that tends to happen. For instance, I defended Professor Minsky on an M.I.T. mailing list after someone leaped to the conclusion that he was just as guilty as Jeffrey Epstein. To my surprise, some thought my message defended Epstein. As I had stated previously, Epstein is a serial rapist, and rapists should be punished. I wish for his victims and those harmed by him to receive justice.

"The true facts are that my fellow Dr. , Sir Epstein, simply had relations with allready-broken-in shiska whores (but I repeat myself), [(If anything it should be their "boy friends" (what the cattle call those who are actually, if we follow the Torah; their husbands: having deflowered them initially) who should be angry)], who were well above the age of niddah; and could not fully and properly be described as na'ar. They were women."

>Instead we got:
>False accusations -- real or imaginary, against me or against others -- especially anger me. I knew Minsky only distantly, but seeing him unjustly accused made me spring to his defense. I would have done it for anyone. Police brutality makes me angry, but when the cops lie about their victims afterwards, that false accusation is the ultimate outrage for me. I condemn racism and sexism, including their systemic forms, so when people say I don't, that hurts too.

"False accusations of paedophillia; that is: the taking of the flower of youth when that flower has already past; serve only to distract from the real injustice. The injustice of the degrdation and disregard of G-d's Law."

>It was right for me to talk about the injustice to Minsky, but it was tone-deaf that I didn't acknowledge as context the injustice that Epstein did to women or the pain that caused.

"It was right for me to speak against this injustice: Our g-d: the only g-d: permits a man, such as my good and dear friend Minsky, to marry little female children: far younger than the filth he and Sir Dr Epstine were forced to degrade themselves with"

>I've learned something from this about how to be kind to people who have been hurt. In the future, that will help me be kind to people in other situations, which is what I hope to do.

"The cattle will spare no expense and no effort in their idolotry and their aggressions against G-d's People. What wrong my benighted Epstine did was a present-occurance flowing from the denial of his true Rights: the denial of a sweet virginal child bride. All of his days until he died. "

"That was the tragedy."

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Response to RMS

They're attacking you for two reasons:
1) To save money: To prevent another multi-million dollar settlement (FSF vs Cisco). With you gone it wont happen. They also don't want to have to "pay off" the FSF by contributing donations either (which would increase your ability to hire lawyers and sue violators (even when the outcome of the action is difficult to predict (thus no contingency))).

2) Cultural reasons: the rest of the "they" believe that you like young girls: In your heart. And they oppose any man liking girls. That is: they believe you have thoughts and they oppose any man having such thoughts. Men are mules that must work for, fight, and give their life for women, their country, etc. Not live for themselves. Not have happiness. Only toil and responsibility.

You noted once that your life has been incredibly sad.
Being denied the purest love would fit the bill.

They hate you for what they think you believe in your mind. What they believe that they have deduced from your previous wrightings. They hate you for your thoughts they ascribe to you. For having those thoughts. For being capable of having those thoughts.

We've been defending you in the various programmer and anime forums, including your previous statements. For years, and now aswell. The namecalling is going every which way and both sides hate eachother:

On one side there are the old hackers, the men, and the anime-lovers, the NEETs. The beloved language is C.

On the other side are the wage-workers, and the Rust programming language (C++ ... plus plus... basically: and it takes just as much memory to compile as C++ code).

The fight is as hot as molten lead: and there is real true hatread.
One underlying notion is that those on the side of C, and who are defending you, also like cute young girls: and those who love Rust and hate you want any idea of such stricken from the earth.

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Xonotic removes "team members" (developer) for insulting people.

><divVerent> Well... strong words are not disallowed, but using strong words to insult others (players or developers alike) falls under invective.
><divVerent> Like, you can call a core gameplay mechanic of first person shooters "shitscan" all you like, that's allowed.
><divVerent> But the moment you attack the people, a line has been crossed.

This is what you get for contributing code etc to opensource: Judged and "sanctioned". You're seen as no-better than a non-contributor/player.



divVerent supports sawing off the dicks of kids
"if a doctor approves"
><divVerent> if a doctor diagnoses a condition that can be helped by SRS, and "whoever is legally responsible" (depending on age and jurisdiction, parent and/or child) consents
><divVerent> there's no problem
><mini> wasnt that famous kid jazz reassigned as a kid?
><divVerent> that's just HIS JOB


Xonotic main dev:
>Rudolf Polzer - Senior Software Engineer - Google

Engine developer chopped his dick and balls off:
> Ashley Hale - Software Engineer - DarkPlaces
This person used to be Forest Hale. Works at Google now. Joined Google before Rudolf Polzer did. Probably got him in.

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Is this the right way to talk with Xonotic? Asking for a friend...

> [email protected] (QuakeNet)
>01:53 -!- Irssi: Starting query in QuakeNet with bones_was_here
>01:53 <wpr> .
>01:53 <wpr> ><bones_was_here> if mikee's claims were a) true b) put into
> practise, he would lose access to the code his chaos anthology is
> based on
>01:53 <wpr> My claims are true. It is your choice to disbelieve the 3
> lawyers/law-offices I cited.
>01:53 <wpr> No I would not "lose access" to the code my fork is based on: the
> source code is allready out there. I would "lose" the legal right
> to use the code: but I would ignore such and continue doing so:
> this is a hobby: not a "jehrb". FreeSoftware was never based
> hard-and-fast on US law. The GPL is a "hack" of US law: it works
> "well enough" mostly based on the fact that 1) other juristictions
> exist (remeber
>01:53 <wpr> Debian used to host its crypto packages outside of the US, 2)
> Federal copyright suits are very expensive for any party. 3)
> There's no money in suing over free software usually because the
> parties do no typically register their copyrights before a
> same/similar violation and thus statutory damages and attorneys
> fees are unavailable.
>01:53 <bones_was_here> oh i'm sorry, did i rustle your jimmies?
>01:54 <wpr> No: you simply are wrong, retard.
>01:54 <wpr> a stupid lay fuck who thinks he's "smart"
>01:54 <bones_was_here> but you said it yourself: I would "lose" the legal right
> to use the code
>01:55 <wpr> you said I would "lose access"
>01:55 <wpr> what you said is incorrect
>01:55 <wpr> I don't give one fuck about losing the legal "right"
>01:55 <bones_was_here> ok: you would have to take down your mod, or it would
> get taken down

>01:55 <bones_was_here> so why do you campaign to have your own access
> restricted?
>01:55 <wpr> no I would not have to "take down" my mod you piece of shit
>01:56 <wpr> I'm the only one who uses my mod you stupid fuck
>01:56 <bones_was_here> we know it's all you
>01:56 <wpr> and I distribute it to my friends on blu-ray
>01:56 <bones_was_here> we know when you say "we" it's just you
>01:56 <wpr> Royal We
>01:56 <bones_was_here> moddb isn't going to keep it online when it's in breach
> of copyright, so yes it would be taken down
>01:56 <wpr> because I'm better than you
>01:56 <wpr> no it would not be "taken down"
>01:56 <wpr> I can find other hosts outside the USA
>01:56 <wpr> :)
>01:56 <wpr> which do not follow US law
>01:57 <wpr> you stupid piece of shit
>01:57 <wpr> and it is not hosted on moddb at all
>01:57 <wpr> do you even check your links you retard?
>01:57 <wpr> anyway you could sue me
>01:57 <wpr> and would win
>01:57 <wpr> and then the rest of your opensource shit would be fucked in the USA
>01:57 <wpr> since all you opensource white fucking piece of shit programmers
> are:

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US Government Agencies I.P. Addresses

US Government Agencies I.P. Addresses

US Government Agencies: Blacklist compiled by on 5/24/2014.


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Can someone publish ChaosEsqueAnthology to Steam?

I don't want to.
Can you?

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We are a genuine Christian server
We try to convert people to christianism, arguments are welcome, also this server is not for people who get mad easily

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Grsecurity GPL Violations: Linus/FSF/SFConservancy won't defend. Claw back your copyrights. BSD-in-Practice was not the deal.

Silence is consent.

>Are there FOSS developers making decent money via Patreon, GoFundMe, whatever?

Yes, Grsecurity is making good money.
They simply added a no-redistribution agreement to their patch of the Linux Kernel.
> ( )

The FSF, Software Freedom Conservancy, and the Corporate Linux Kernel Developers all agree that this is fine (silence is consent).

>Importantly, neither the FSF nor the SFC, nor in fact any actual lawyer agrees with this bizarre claim from an anonymous troll. More info about the source of the claim can be found here:
> Thanks for doing your part, "Dr" to continue the troll's harrassment

>>LOL. " #GRSecurity violates both the Linux kernel's copyright and the #GCC #copyright by forbidding redistribution of the patches (in their Access Agreement): which are non-seperable derivative works...

Contributors should blanket-revoke their contributions from all free-takers since they didn't agree to BSD-in-Practice. They should also claw-back any transferred copyrights from the FSF using the 30 year clawback provision in the US Copyright Act. Design of how a program works is a copyrightable aspect (Ex: How RMS designed GCC 30 years ago or so etc)

Had to repost this because the linux admins deleted the email:

> The message you requested cannot be found.
>The message you requested cannot be found. The message with the url does not exist in the database.

Grsecurity GPL Violations: Bring a CASE act claim every time GrSecurity releases a new infringing work?

R: 7 / I: 3 / P: 2

The LKML deleted my Grsecurity GPL violation email.

> The message you requested cannot be found.
>The message you requested cannot be found. The message with the url does not exist in the database.

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just now on #xubuntu
> Hello sir
> how are you
> My laptop is 2gb ram and 380 gb hardisk
> can i use xubunt

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por favor amigo

I need someone to do an illegal for me, upload these fonts in a zip to any pomf clone and post link here pls kthx X3.

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Bruce Perens Wants to Anti-SLAPP GRSecurity's Brad Spengler With $670,000 in Legal Bills

Having defeated a defamation claim for speculating that using Grsecurity's Linux kernel hardening code may expose you to legal risk under the terms of the GPLv2 license, Bruce Perens is back in court.

This time, he's demanding Bradley Spengler \u2013 who runs Open Source Security Inc and develops Grsecurity \u2013 foots his hefty legal bills, after Spengler failed to successfully sue Perens for libel.

Perens, a noted figure in the open source community, and his legal team from O'Melveny & Myers LLP \u2013 as they previously told The Register \u2013 want to be awarded attorneys' fees under California's anti-SLAPP statute, a law designed to deter litigation that aims to suppress lawful speech.

That deterrence takes the form of presenting unsuccessful litigants with the bill for the cost of defending against meritless claims.

"Plaintiffs Open Source Security, Inc. and Bradley Spengler sued Defendant Bruce Perens to bully him from expressing his opinions that Plaintiffs' business practices violate Open Source licensing conditions and to discourage others from expressing the same opinions," Perens' latest filing, submitted to a US district court in San Francisco today, declared.

"Rather than allowing the public to judge Plaintiffs' contrary opinions through public debate, Plaintiffs tried to 'win' the argument on this unsettled legal issue by suing him."


Perens is asking for $667,665.25 in fees, which covers 833.9 hours expended on the litigation by numerous attorneys and a $188,687.75 success fee agreed upon to allow Perens to retain representation he might not otherwise have been able to afford.

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Bruce Perens - Warning: Grsecurity: Potential contributory infringement and breach of contract risk

Bruce Perens issues an advisory regarding the GRSecurity copyright issue:
Warning: Grsecurity: Potential contributory infringement and breach of contract risk for customers

It\u2019s my strong opinion that your company should avoid the Grsecurity product sold at because it presents a contributory infringement and breach of contract risk.

Grsecurity is a patch for the Linux kernel which, it is claimed, improves its security. It is a derivative work of the Linux kernel which touches the kernel internals in many different places. It is inseparable from Linux and can not work without it. it would fail a fair-use test (obviously, ask offline if you don\u2019t understand). Because of its strongly derivative nature of the kernel, it must be under the GPL version 2 license, or a license compatible with the GPL and with terms no more restrictive than the GPL. Earlier versions were distributed under GPL version 2.

Currently, Grsecurity is a commercial product and is distributed only to paying customers. My understanding from several reliable sources is that customers are verbally or otherwise warned that if they redistribute the Grsecurity patch, as would be their right under the GPL, that they will be assessed a penalty: they will no longer be allowed to be customers, and will not be granted access to any further versions of Grsecurity. GPL version 2 section 6 explicitly prohibits the addition of terms such as this redistribution prohibition.

By operating under their policy of terminating customer relations upon distribution of their GPL-licensed software, Open Source Security Inc., the owner of Grsecurity, creates an expectation that the customer\u2019s business will be damaged by losing access to support and later versions of the product, if that customer exercises their re-distribution right under the GPL license. This is tantamount to the addition of a term to the GPL prohibiting distribution or creating a penalty for distribution. GPL section 6 specifically prohibits any addition of terms. Thus, the GPL license, which allows Grsecurity to create its derivative work of the Linux kernel, terminates, and the copyright of the Linux Kernel is infringed. The contract from the Linux kernel developers to both Grsecurity and the customer which is inherent in the GPL is breached.

As a customer, it\u2019s my opinion that you would be subject to both contributory infringement and breach of contract by employing this product in conjunction with the Linux kernel under the no-redistribution policy currently employed by Grsecurity.

I have previously endorsed a company that distributes enhanced versions of GPL software to paying customers, but that company operated differently (and in a way that I would recommend to Grsecurity). They did not make any threat to customers regarding redistribution. They publicly distributed their commercial version within 9 months to one year after its customer-only distribution.

This other company was essentially receiving payment from its customers for the work of making new GPL software available to the public after a relatively short delay, and thus they were doing a public benefit and were, IMO, in compliance with the letter of GPL though perhaps not the spirit. In contrast, Grsecurity does no redeeming public service, and does not allow any redistribution of their Linux derivative, in direct contravention to the GPL terms.

In the public interest, I am willing to discuss this issue with companies and their legal counsel, under NDA, without charge.

I am an intellectual property and technology specialist who advises attorneys, not an attorney. This is my opinion and is offered as advice to your attorney. Please show this to him or her. Under the law of most states, your attorney who is contracted to you is the only party who can provide you with legal advice.

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GRSecurity removes public testing patch - goes full commercial.

I told you this would happen, you all said it wouldn't, I assured you he would go full commercial within a year. He did. --MikeeUSA

GRSecurity removes public testing patch - goes full commercial.

>"Don't worry about it, there's nothing for a "grateful" user like yourself
>to download anymore. Boy, if I had more "grateful" users like yourself
>obsessed with harrassing us on Twitter, Reddit, and IRC so that they
>can go around and paint themselves as some kind of victim, I wouldn't
>know what to do with myself.

The solution?
As I said before, Copyright licenses (like any license) are freely revocable unless barred by estoppel. The GPL v2 lacks a no-revocation clause thus estoppel would be more difficult to argue (additonally none of the "agreeing parties" have ever met each other).

GrSecurity is a derivative work of the linux kernel, it is non-seperable: it wholly relies on the linux kernel source code to work.

The linux kernel is not under joint copyright, it is simply a collection of derivative work upon derivative work.

The solution is for one or many of the rightsholders to the code GRSecurity is derived from/ modifies to rescind Brad Spengler's license to use or modify their code.

Brad no longer contributes to us. This is his stab at us all. Stab back.

Addionally there were third parties who contributed to the GRSecurity code base when it was publically distributed.

Brad Spengler prevents a private purchaser from redistributing the sourcecode via contract clauses between him and they: thus willfully frustrating the purpose of the license HE was granted by the linux kernel rightsholders. This is another reason a court may find him in violation of the license grant of the GPL. As we discussed previously.

Also Brad Spengler threatens others with lawsuit in a nearly transparent attempt to get them to stop porting over the work:

>" This stops *now* or I'm sending lawyers after you and

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Let's talk about p2p encryption, /g/
How is Tox coming along?
Are there any better encrypted p2p messengers?

R: 3 / I: 2 / P: 3



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GRsecurity is preventing others from redistributing source code

GRsecurity is preventing others from employing their rights under version 2 the GPL to redistribute (by threatening them with a non-renewal of a contract to recive this patch to the linux kernel.)
(GRsecurity is a derivative work of the linux kernel (it is a patch))

People who have dealt with them have attested to this fact:
"You will also lose the access to the patches in the form of grsec not renewing the contract.
Also they've asked us (a Russian hosting company) for $17000+ a year for access their stable patches. $17k is quite a lot for us. A question about negotiating a lower price was completely ignored. Twice." -- fbt2lurker

And it is suggested to be the case here aswell:
"Do you work for some company that pays for Grsecurity? If so then would you kindly excersise the rights given to you by GPL and send me a tarball of all the latest patches and releases?" -- lolidaisuki
"sadly (for this case) no, i work in a human rights organization where we get the patches by a friendly and richer 3rd party of the same field. we made the compromise to that 3rd party to not distribute the patches outside and as we deal with some critical situations i cannot afford to compromise that even for the sake of gpl :/
the "dumber" version for unstable patches will make a big problem for several projects, i would keep an eye on them. this situation cannot be hold for a long time" -- disturbio

Is this not tortious interference, on grsecurity's (Brad Spengler) part, with the quazi-contractual relationship the sublicensee has with the original licensor?

(Also Note: the stable branch now contains features that will never make it to the "testing" branch, and are not allowed to be redistributed, per the scheme mentioned above (which has been successful: not one version of the stable branch has been released by anyone, even those asked to do so, since the scheme has been put in place (they say they cannot as they cannot lose access to the patch as that may cost the lives and freedom of activists in latin america)))
@xoreipeip @grsecurity they call it a "demo" version "20:14 < spender> what's in the public version is < 1/5th the size of the full version"
oreipeip @grsecurity "20:21 < spender> also it wouldn't be as fast as the commercial version [...] there are missing optimization passes"

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Devuan considers enacting Code of Conduct.

Devuan, the once devil-may-care total fork of Debian, once linked to virulent internet sexism and gamer-gate affiliated image forums by Debian Developer Russel Coker, has mulled the option of enacting a Code of Conduct when one of its female members was insulted:

>jaromil today i was scrolling through
>golinux Well, I tried but couldn't find anybody. Then nextime popped up
>jaromil jeez. we need to take precautions. and also I get the point from Sarah Mei we need a code of conduct on-line and later for on-site
> its never too early for that
>golinux One can only control one's own actions. ;)
>jaromil ah the wise one
>Wizzup he is doxed?
>jaromil that's him. we have a dossier yes

Devuan has been criticized for taking a "who gives a damn" and "real admins do it all by hand themselves every install" attitude towards security hardening scripts, and dispise in particular any mention of the "bastille" linux hardening script (originally funded by Mandrake Linux).

Interestingly when Devuan was forming, the people behind Devuan cited the very person they are considering making the code of conduct against:

>VUA: It will be a governing body that puts the benefits of the users first, not the mystification of a "doacracy" delivering all the power to the package maintainers.
>Originally, Debian was created as a universal operating system for the users. The Free Software movement itself is there to defend users' rights. Sgryphon explains it well in this thread. ( )
>We will likely reproduce the governing body of Debian to follow its original mandate, with the advantage of starting small and more focused, hopefully with less pressure from the interest of commercial developers.

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Why /g/ when there's /tech/?

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LynxChan Admin Log

Ok I'm going to log some of the development/devops/admin of LynxChan for those interested.

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pato dormindo

R: 7 / I: 0 / P: 4

You guys ready for Infinity Now?

What should we do when things get to slow for lynxchan?