Red Fog Over America 1955 Truth Thread Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:02:28 No.3706 del
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BO I wont namefag, suffice it to say, my thread on Q board is nuked, and I want to make an effort to produce something. "Illuminated" manuscripts are those which have notes in the margins. Any of us can do it. In this case I just want to upload scans as I proceed through this book. The previous owner will also have his pencil notes followed, to the pages he noted. I find a sort of company with those who owned a book before I did, and yet with whom I would have camaraderie. I certainly invite comment or critique, the thread will proceed like this, I will try to upload three at a time, in proper order, no flood, I will do maybe thre pages every few days. Best to you.