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(150.11 KB 1168x850 pitgpageaaatitle.jpg)
(300.47 KB 1168x850 pitgpageIIandfwd.jpg)
(393.87 KB 1168x850 pitgpageIIIandIV.jpg)
Red Fog Over America 1955 Truth Thread Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:02:28 [Preview] No. 3706
BO I wont namefag, suffice it to say, my thread on Q board is nuked, and I want to make an effort to produce something. "Illuminated" manuscripts are those which have notes in the margins. Any of us can do it. In this case I just want to upload scans as I proceed through this book. The previous owner will also have his pencil notes followed, to the pages he noted. I find a sort of company with those who owned a book before I did, and yet with whom I would have camaraderie. I certainly invite comment or critique, the thread will proceed like this, I will try to upload three at a time, in proper order, no flood, I will do maybe thre pages every few days. Best to you.

Anonymous 12/29/2019 (Sun) 21:16:31 [Preview] No.3707 del
(398.62 KB 1168x850 rfoapageVIandVII.jpg)
(337.61 KB 1168x850 rfoapageVIIIandIV.jpg)
(300.35 KB 1168x850 rfoapageXandfwd.jpg)
Okay being in a rush, I have already mislabelled my first three scans, with "pitg" (pawns in the game) which is his other book. Proper name convention would be "rfoa" for red fog over america, this book. Apologies. I wanted to get these six pages up, to invite discussion and set the stage for 2020.

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