Bernd 12/18/2019 (Wed) 13:42:33 No.33201 del
If you see any of these extreme "truther" videos, you'll just see how dumb they are. They all have cults of personality, and the worst offenders ignore that other languages exist and think everything written is just a pun or allegory based on English words. They're so mentally ill that the smartest out of the bunch is literally a "we-wuz-kangz" black supremacist who claims that Africa is actually bigger than all of the other continents, and that Israel is a part of Africa.
Though what they're saying is partially true. A bigger than usual portion of the population are actually hermaphrodites, and hollywood/modelling agencies actively take
Probably what Chris-Chan meant when he said he could "feel" a vagina. Many models like the Belgian model Hanne Gaby Odiele have admitted they're hermaphrodites, who are chosen because of their masculine features. They also brought up the idea that gorillas are humans in suits (none of them bring up that they're ex-humans)