Bernd 12/18/2019 (Wed) 20:18:39 No.33205 del
>Take...? That seems an unfinished sentence.
Unfinished, yes. I meant they actively take hermaphrodites and use them for their square jaws (might want to bring this bad news to the Tor anon) and masculine facial features, that's something I know for fact, since many literally admitted to it (doesn't seem to be circulating on the news however). Same thing might apply to male actors for their feminine hermaphroditism.
>I thought it was you. Wait. Are you an extreme truther? Do you have 'tube channel? Altough bitchute would be more fitting.
I got it from a guy who watches these extreme truther videos. I'm not one myself, though I do like to play around with a lot of their theories, many of which I try to rationalise. Of course not the extreme "X place does not exist and is a cover-up/World Wars were crisis actors" but even then, I touched and examined those kinds of theories.
Only the ones I know for certain and are important, I actually defend. Both of the categories I just stated I talked about a lot in my "x are degenerate" thread.
>You mean devolved humans? As it was mentioned in the ape thread.
Yeah, same thing I was getting at. The species I mean, they're just men that inbred until they became apes. Maybe chimps are the results of whites inbreeding (explains how hairy they are, and how they can swim) while the gorillas are blacks. [Embed]
This Brazilian guy in above video might be this intermediate stage between human and ape. It probably explains why the Carthaginians thought gorillas were humans, because maybe they were actual humans that devolved.