Bernd 12/18/2019 (Wed) 21:31:07 No.33211 del
Something I can say about truthers however, is that it's basically just a massive ruse. By being one, you're initiated into this quasi-masonic brotherhood where you're constantly worshipped by your roommates, but you're seen as the local lunatic and are discouraged from one of the main pillars of life, i.e. working to continue the creation as a collective, creating a network. For claiming to be so against politics, they are caught up in politics and "worldly" events.
All these different cults of personalities are constantly "exposing" each other within it for a reason, and it's because they're obsessed with acting themselves. Eventually you either get too caught up in the quagmire that you end up questioning if Finland doesn't exist, and question even 2+2=4, or escape it. I escaped it. I might've gotten a lot of truth, but 2+2 is 4. That's where I am. Many people go down the rabbithole and speculating over what's the truth, only a few people escape it and end up KNOWING some definitive truth. I've been through the perspective of all sides here.