Bernd 01/01/2020 (Wed) 09:09:52 No.33695 del
(33.83 KB 632x412 5b-ozone-layer-etc.jpg)
While I was looking for the perfect image for the vision of 2020 I stumbled upon this article:
Look at Reason #5!
A global nuclear war would thicken the ozone layer reducing UV, and balancing out global warming.
That's it. We just convince the leaders of world powers to nuke everything. Or even better: we could designate a nuke dumping area somewhere noone cares about like France or something and launch every missile at that place. This way we could stop global warming and get rid of the nuclear arsenal and the looming threat of a nuclear war. Tho reducing population via this war would be a huge plus. Maybe we could speed up migration to France, then nuke it.
Well only 10 hours passed from this year and I single handedly solved three great problems of mankind. Maybe it really will be a better decade.