Bernd 05/10/2021 (Mon) 20:32:41 No.43559 del
Took time to watch just a couple bouts today...

Enho vs. Ura: Good bout, shitty outcome – not doing favouritism here but overextended elbow on day 2 isn't good for Enho.
Takayasu vs Chiyonokuni: Takayasu looking like he's too cautious, inb4 he chokes at the end again
Tobizaru vs Takanosho: nice
Asanoyama vs Meisei: Meisei won that one with footwork, this is why just pushing forwards doesn't always win
Hokutofuji vs Terunofuji: ha, Teru had to work for this one a bit more than I expected. Don't get what exactly he did to make Hokutofuji try that full turn that lost him the bout tho?
Shodai vs Wakatakakage: nice
Mitakeumi vs Takakeisho: huh Takakeisho lost the pushing match; maybe he should't've lost so much weight lol

I see NHK is also working extra on cinematic angles. Empty arena has some advantages...