Bernd 05/11/2021 (Tue) 08:00:47 No.43566 del
Again dreamt a couple of weird vivid dreams.
I was outside, in the woods, but there was a line of cabinets, with glass on this side. A statue stood in the left corner, darkened by shadow. Tiny humanoids, size of ants went by it into a temple. They did not walk but floated, or how a conveyor belt would move them slowly. Someone else was with me I don't know who, some work needed to be done there. Then the statue moved to the right a bit and I saw that only the head is shaped, otherwise it looked like some longish rock. The head resembled to Chuthulhu's head. I reached in and flicked its "beard" it was like thick rubber. The eyes lighted up white, not sure if they were even before or as a reaction to my action. Then I/we went further and after the cabinet a row of what could be called as ossuaries or maybe just weird coffins on each other. They were made of clay and dirt, they reminded me of a cocoon of a certain wasp(?) which creates a hard shell for the larvae. On the short side facing us thick iron plate closed these boxes. Writings were on the surface I assume names and such. We had to break these things, I think the backside of these plates which were covered in clay. "Conservation of resources" or something like this was our reason. I woke up at this point.
Later this night, was morning then, I dreamt I put a bed, a large one, up to a tree, and covered it with a silk sheet.