Bernd 10/24/2021 (Sun) 13:56:15 No.45381 del
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Now I think they want the illness go through the population.
Many people got vaccine shots (way over the half of the population), most twice, and the third round is administered. The vaccines don't make anyone immune, only triggers the (IgM and) IgG production, which helps fighting the infection more easily temporarily for some months. But peeps can get infected and can spread the virus all over. No mask mandates or restrictions (1. for now; 2. at certain places you have to wear masks, like in hospitals, or dispensaries), so people can infect each other freely (if masks ever helped), and the illness will spread. Ofc many will gain immunity by themselves with contracting the illness.
This can be good, can be bad.
What I noticed that corona articles disappeared from news sites (I checked five major media outlets), previously walls headlines covered them about it, now they feature only a token article about the topic.
I speculate that the situation can be exploited by the Fidesz govt. for the next year election, if the situation turns bad (the political situation, if the polls show the opposition could potentially win), they might postpone the election pointing at the pandemic. I'm not sure if that would do them any good, hence what I wrote just speculating some.

Also I don't hear much about testing, last year was loud about that, and "contact research" and shit, now it seems nothing is going on. But Google search has this feature, you just type "[country name] covid" into the search box and it gives a nice graph about statistics. And it seems we do similar amount of testing as last year at the same time. Although now if you did not get vaccinated it is mandatory to take tests (a quick and a pcr, so two tests per person) for certain stuff.