Bernd 11/09/2022 (Wed) 21:19 No.49201 del
So the movie.
Quite all right. Not that good, not bad either. The acting and the delivery of the lines were forced, but the subtitles were translated well I think. Generally the horror genre isn't that great, although I enjoyed watching some in my time. This one isn't particularly scary. At all to be honest. Some effects are kinda ridiculous, when people dragged around and whatnot, but at least there are no jumpscares. Tropes tied to ghosts were there, like possession, or moving objects. Some cool ideas, like replaying an event of the past with the people at present. Historical setting was okay, looked authentic I guess, most of the movie was filmed in a Hungarian skansen, people wore contemporary clothes.
The story is fine, and the solution of the complication is classic, hero traveling to the land of the dead.