Bernd 11/17/2022 (Thu) 18:19 No.49221 del
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Day 5

What's up with Daiamami? Can't squat.
Thochimusashi vs Choyonokuni - BAM. Like a train engine, Chyonokuni. Hilarious. Big claps by the audience.
Akua is still unbeated, Tsurigisho was up in Makuuchi and got his 5th win there.

Oho vs. Kotoeko big battle, very good bout. Both had lost their footings during the struggle, but in the end Kotoeko was rolled out.
Onosho vs Chiyotairyu - great tachi-ai.
I'm glad Ryuden won, but Takarafuji is doing really bad this basho. His 5th loss.
Takayasu vs Tamawashi - the Great Battle of the Elders.
Tobizaru vs Mitakeumi - ton effort on behalf of Tobizaru, he made it not easy for Mita to win.
Midori vs Hoshoryu - I really laughed when saw the balance of their previous meeting (5-0 for Midori), and I was intrigued if Hoshoryu finally can beat him. It was a short, but entertaining bout, both fell on their backs.
Shodai continues to be kinda underwhelming. Maybe he can pull that positive balance in the end, but I would bet it will be a question till the very end.