Bernd 11/19/2022 (Sat) 17:44 No.49228 del
Day 7

Enho had long struggle. 5th victory.
Tochimusashi's ass is getting handed to him. 6th defeat.
Kotokzuan perhaps used a bit more force than he should have.
Hokuseiho vs Mitoryu. What a shitty tachi-ai. Perhaps both hurt (would explain the tachi-ai), but Hokuseiho is injured I bet.
Tsurigisho's winning streak was broken. Good job Chiyonokuni.
Akua shared the same fate, against Chiyomaru.
Now no unbeated left in Juryo, but this two still leads the leaderboard.

Oho did good. 6-1. I think he has someting to do in Makuuchi, at least this performance preserves his place.
Kotoshoho beat Onosho well. Made him lose a pace, than pushed him down the clay.
Abi's bout against Takarafuji wasn't that good. It should have been more intense. But at least he recognized the moment when attacking more is unnecessary.
How Nikishifuji beat Tochinoshin was quite good too.
Hokutofuji vs. Ryuden. Big struggle. I think Hokutofuji does a more intense type of sumo that Ryuden can't handle. He might be better against "calmer" opponents.

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