Bernd 11/22/2022 (Tue) 09:42 No.49252 del
Saturnalia was a celebration to break norms, it was mischief and celebration wrapped into one. While there were degenerate acts promoted during this celebration such as drinking, gambling, sex, there were also more pure acts such as feasts, exchanging gifts, decorating. Puritans were probably trying to make the effort to focus on honoring Christ, rather than the rowdy celebrations which took place and carried over from Saturnalia. Christmas was banned in many different regions of the world due to it getting too out of hand; I think these chaotic celebrations were essentially Saturnalia celebrations, seeing as it was a celebration of great rowdiness.

Found this interesting fact about Romans celebrating Saturnalia, and it might shed light on why we decorate trees with ornaments.
"Citizens decked their halls with boughs of greenery, and even hung small tin ornaments on bushes and trees. Bands of naked revelers often roamed the streets, singing and carousing, as a sort of naughty precursor to today's Christmas caroling tradition."

If you think this stuff is interesting, wait until I tell you the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ kek