Bernd 11/22/2022 (Tue) 13:29 No.49260 del
We don't worship Christmas trees, they don't have anything in common with Donars' Oak.
If there were a connection, I could only see it being due to Scandinavians keeping alive an originally pagan tradition of decorative greenery(if that's even true), that being passed on to Germany and then that evolving from greenery to trees. But this is still speculative.

>but I recall a funny story about the top searched porn terms among women being something like, "hairy daddy"

It sounds like these 'women' were actually trannies, or it's just a story. Though most women don't enjoy Porn in general and it's possible that as those who do would be a strange minority they would have strange minority tastes.
If you look at 2d romance media made by women and aimed at women, the men are thin, athletic, stylish, somewhat feminine.
But conversely, if you look at 2d gay media made by men and aimed at men, both western and eastern, the men are fairly often comically huge, hairy bears of men, it's ridiculous how manly they make them. I think you see some of that in gay porn as well, like in the gay porn memes that you see floating around the internet.

I think that we as men, assume that women want strong, bear like men, who can fight and protect people because many of us want to be like. It's our ideal man that we put forward onto them.
Yes, women probably do want a man that could protect them, but historically how have we done that? We have done it through skill of arms and numbers not brute strength. If we are looking at what a primal woman would see as attractive, it would probably be a lean and fit man, who can wield a spear with skill and has endurance to hunt and provide for her as well as the social skills to enable him to get others to help him and you could say that is why they value status so much, status and wealth infer the ability to provide, and even protect, even in primitive tribes it's probably safest to marry the tribal head whether he is the strongest warrior or not. I think they would also want a man that was more feminine, they might find men too large and masculine to be intimidating, they also want men that they can trust to care for their children(and them) and even excessive personal grooming aside from making people look and smell better probably also reduced chances of disease.