Bernd 11/22/2022 (Tue) 15:17 No.49262 del
Women aren't geared the same way as men are. You may find women that do watch porn but that is anecdotal and you are on imageboard, they probably are not normal women. And also women will often tell you what they think you want hear.

I agree that masculinity can have many aspects(like the Greeks viewing small penises as masculine).
I don't think signs of survival mean much, you can survive and achieve nothing but you can also achieve a lot at a young age.

Yes, women are more likely to read erotic novels, that's also partly related to the way they are geared, they are not attracted so much to looks but to status and behaviour, they are attracted to looks if they infer status but that isn't needed in a book.
Those books you posted are more what I was referring to what they are attracted too, they are lean, clean shaven, they have neat hair cuts, many of them are in suits or period costumes. And also they are all a similar age to the women in those covers which goes against your age theory.

It's not rape if somebody wants it. I don't think that's what they are actually about either, the covers certainly don't give that impression. I'm not going to read any of them just to argue with you about this though, I am not going to read 50 shades of gray for that reason either. Again I think this is something that many men want to believe that is not actually true(well certainly taken literally it by definition cannot be true).
Power dynamics I can see in some cases, because that relates to status as well.