Bernd 11/24/2022 (Thu) 03:16 No.49301 del
I did a brief search on Wikipedia. It seems the only possible use of it for such purposes comes from Siberia and America and maybe India, but all the evidence comes form hearsay and much of it is based on the publications of one guy in the 60s(Wasson)
There is no history of use in Europe but as it is possible to wash the toxins out there is some culinary use of it but not much.

It's apparently possibly lethal in some cases too.

Drinking Shaman urine comes from Wasson as well. I am suspicious of this, tribal people can have weird customs so nothing is impossible but people generally don't like drinking urine and it's also questionable as to how much of the toxin would be left in the urine anyway, just how much shaman urine would one have to drink if it would be even possible at all? Has anybody actually tested this?