Bernd 11/24/2022 (Thu) 10:33 No.49306 del
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Slov used recent research too. Also some of the pdfs he shared gave context in the history of the research itself. It agrees what you wrote, most of the stuff is dated, and only a very few legit sources exists. Since I browse fungi identification sites, and books, I can confirm they are all very terse about fly agaric, just noting it's poisonous. Some of them adds it to the articles of the Amanita Pantherina that it is edible after careful parboiling, the fun thing, that Pantherina has higher concentration of ibutonic acid than Muscaria...
On the first occasion Slov harvested fly agaric for culinary purposes as well, and he did fry 'em up and eat them. He extracted the components with parboiling and later tried drinking it.
We could ask maybe he would repost what he put together.