Bernd 11/24/2022 (Thu) 18:18 No.49311 del
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Day 12

Enho failed this. Gonoyama grabbed the back of his neck and smashed him down onto the clay.
Akua and ridiculous slaps. With this win, Oshoma is now on equal level with Akua, 9-3.
Tsurigisho 9-3.
Very easy win by Hokuseiho. Tohakuryu did not know what to do. 9-3
This will be exciting. Behind these four Mitoryu, Daiamami, and Enho follows with 8-4. Still three bouts, so anything can happen. Will we see playoffs?

Terutsuyoshi is getting his ass whoopped. No win in 12 bouts. Is he impaired somehow? Why not quit with injury?
Hokutofuji vs. Hiradoumi. Great wrestle. Had to mono-ii. I would have torinaoshi, I couldn't decide. But apparently Hiradoumi gained his 8th victory.
Ura was beaten again. At least he has 2 under his belt.
Takarafuji one for the honor. Now with Ichinojo and Ura, all has 2-10. They are generally strong contenders. What's happening?
One of the important matches: Takayasu vs Ryuden. Bear getting his 10th win!
Tamawashi got henkad by Endo.
Midori is getting in a tight spot. Needs two wins for positive balance, only three days left.

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