Bernd 11/29/2022 (Tue) 20:12 No.49333 del
Short addition to women and their preferences in men.
From what I've seen (so personal xp, anecdotal evidence) all kinds of men can into relationships, even fucking weird looking ones manage reproducing as well. Even pretty women pick less well looking dudes. Ofc they react well to handsome man some women are rude to them - for various reasons I guess - while I've never seen a man treating badly a pretty girl just after they met, but they see differences between types, and some will prefer one type, some other types. While I assume most women wouldn't pick the real uggos, their topmost priority isn't that they should look like some male models from an underwear ad.
Ok. This is a bit too wide but that's it.
An art professor said:
>women should be beautiful, for men it's enough to look one degree better than the devil