Bernd 12/15/2022 (Thu) 17:01 No.49473 del
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It is axiomatic for the individuals of some of the higher tier animals - among them the humans - to seek power, to seek the ability to decide. There is always someone who makes the decisions. Every individuals basic instinct is to seek power over his own fate there are people who are very dependent on getting told what to do, due to "training", but this is a societal effect.
If it's alone it is kinda obvious that it will make the decisions for itself. But if there is two, things start to get complicated. There will be their own, separate stuff, which they might or might not do however they like, but there always be common affairs where they have to decide who decides that who and how will handle them. Relationships are the same in this question.
But first let's look at an example. Dogs. For dogs belonging in a hierarchical structure, a hierarchical family is instinctual, "natural". That is the norm to them. For humans too, but we feed ourselves bs not to notice it, we pull the wool over our own eyes. There is the pack and there are always a pack leader. If none wants the job, he will take the position. The owners of dogs frequently do not realize this. Surprisingly often. When they take their dogs to dog schools they don't know the trainers there not just helping them make their dogs learn basic commands a dog can't obey to a command until he learns what the fuck they want from him to do, but those trainers are there to show them how to be the pack leader. Then they go home and they forget to enforce their own power. A masterless dog is the master of himself. If he is part of a family because when you own a dog, you actually make it part of the family in his eyes, if there is no master, he will be the master of the family. This happens all the time. The dogs will decide what to eat, when to eat, where to lay down, or sleep, how and where to go when taken for a walk, he will go out the door first, he won't allow basic care from the owner or anyone, he will jump on the members of the family, take the sandwich out of ones hand, chew their shoes and their kids.