Bernd 07/09/2024 (Tue) 16:53 No.52179 del
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So Orbán is on his merry little trip around the world. Kiev, Moscow, Peking, and heading to the NATO summit in the US. I read the reactions:
>he doesnt represents us
>he wasnt authorized to negotiate
>muh appeasement
This last one from von der Leyen, she can make the most nonsensical comments, if Orbán doesn't represent the EU (and especially not NATO), has no authority, can't negotiate - himself even told he doesn't there to negotiate - then how he could appease Putin?
One thing I haven't read: the mantra of the inviolability of national borders. Okay, I did not read all the papers, or all the reactions of politicians but this doesn't seem to come up.
These days the talk about peace is quite frequent. Zelensky's "peace summit", Putin's "proposal", now Orbán's "peace mission", it feels as if the decision makers want to keep the thought in the people's mind with the media frequently floating the idea. Are they preparing the people to accept it? Good propaganda has to be able to change people's mind quite fast. And now about half the people actually about the 1/3 of the voters but whatever are fired up an zealously supports the war. Are these news released to get them used to the idea of ending it? And the lack of mention of the sanctity of borders mean Ukraine will have to concede regions?