Bernd 07/11/2024 (Thu) 08:30 No.52194 del
>The Allies also pledged to deliver critical capabilities to Ukraine rapidly, with an initial focus
on munitions and air and missile defence systems.
>In January, European NATO Allies agreed to jointly buy up to 1,000 Patriot missiles. In the margins of the Summit, the NATO support and procurement agency (NSPA) has placed an order for Stinger anti-aircraft missiles worth $700 million.
Frankly they can't deploy F-16s in Ukraine (they promised first batch by June), for the missile and drone threat. They would be just destroyed on the airfields. Some even without flying one mission. They stronger air defense.
And not just in the hinterland, their troops are bombed daily on the fronts, FABbed continuously. And their artillery pieces are targeted by Lancets. And other pleasantries. Frankly air defense is way more important for Ukraine than F-16s - granted F-16s are part of air defense/control.
Interesting thing that Matt of WillyOAM said in an interview, and his interviewee, a foreign veteran in Ukraine agreed: lots of Ukrainian soldiers lack in equipment, the defense works are in shambles, they have very little night vision and infra red capabilities on most of the frontline, from the price of one Abrams these problems could be solved, why not start there?!