Anonymous 11/20/2022 (Sun) 14:23 No.18279 del
If you don't mind I don't separate my replies.
If our users wish the image deleted we aren't against it. On a quicker chan, on a more active board it was probably already gone.
It is still up, because the aforementioned facts still stand: the photo doesn't depict anything illegal, and the context of the thread and the posts around don't make it suggestive or "obscene". The intent of the poster might have been trolling, but trolling isn't illegal either. We don't promote csam with keeping it up, and if anything with this discussion started we might be able to raise awareness of existing problems.
Great example would be the cp spam Endchan is regularly attacked with - which we never hesitate to remove - , and from what I saw, read it seems other imageboards are effected by it too. I highly doubt any of our users interested in clicking those links, someone still run that spam again and again, for years now.
For now the image remains, the input from users are welcomed, basically any comment about the topic, if it should be taken down and why, or about the contents of the mail (>>18268 yeah, wtf; also >>18269 "cp star" wtf), or this organization which sent the mail, etc.
>US Government sends doesn't seem like an institution of the Canadian government, what I can gather from the about pages, it looks like it is run by a private organization (although it is acknowledged and supported by Canadian govt. - so they claim, to what extent, it is not clear from a superficial read).
From us the US Govt. can sleep peacefully, we got their backs covered and do our job. I believe if we aren't quick enough, or a post with actual csam falls through the cracks, and don't get deleted in a significant amount of time, our users will make reports.