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Yes, let us take a look at the reason for the deletion. It would be the same reason as the ban. There it is. National Socialism promoted positive Christianity. Here you came with the same old "Christcuck" statement as has been repeated for years now. I was tired of this since 2017 and I'm tired of it now. This screenshot was a spammer several had to deal with back then. Read >>84571 where Hitler's words are provided for Christianity. Kikes are typically anti-Christian. There is no way to tell the difference between acting a kike and being a kike through anonymous, so you'll either stop or you'll be targeted. It's that simple. See these videos >>84535 where those facts are proven. An intense hatred and focus against Christianity "just like jews" but "totally not a jew" is too suspicious. There is no stance against Odinism here. I'm aware of the controlled opposition wedge of divide and conquer through so many forms. The method to stir up hatred between the two religions is all too overused. It's the same in Christians vs. Muslims to distract from Judaism. Christian National Socialists have been here on this board. They wouldn't be allowed to stir up shit against worshipers of Odin any more than you being permitted to stir shit against them. If you can continue without raging due to my words, go ahead and put a revised blog-post about Seana Fenner in >>78086 because it's the closest topic I can find, but if you don't like the thread find another related. Do this without saying Christcuck or anything of the sort. If you can't, you're ban evading by a month. I can repeat this penalty any time. Rule 9 has been updated
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