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You shall rise. Your spirit, your blood demands it. It demands you stand once more. It demands you endure. Listen to it speak to you, listen to the voice within your soul ordering you to fight, to face down and destroy the misery within you, hear it even if the words are but whispers in the roaring cacophony of pain. You shall lift yourself as not just that voice asks you to but I do also. I am unknown to you and you to me yet here I sit, telling you, roaring at you to stand, a stranger bound to me by a shared brotherhood. Everyone sharing this burden with you is asking you to rise for they too understand more than you could ever know for the pain you feel they have felt too. You are not alone against this darkness. You are not abandoned. Every soul who reads these words and empathises, every son of Europa who understands your weakness is at your side lifting with you, everyone you have lost, everyone who has yet to grace your life with their presense is with you. So stand damn you, stand. Face down the misery for all who would call you brother will lend you their strength. All who would one day call you father or already do, all who would call you friend be they by your side or not, all who have suffered that same feeling of grey dread within them now is with you. Take their strength, take their belief in you becoming something more and let it lift you, let it make the vision of the true you become a reality so that you one day can return it tenfold when another finds themselves suffering. No one is coming to save us, we must save ourselves. Ourselves. Remember that, it starts with you so you in turn can save others from the darkness. There is no cavalry coming to relieve us just beyond the horizon for we are that cavalry, Christ cannot save us in the physical realm for he has already made the greatest of sacrifices for us before and now his sons must fight in his name until His return, Woden and the European Gods cannot save us for they already bestow upon their children the gifts they need to fight, there is only us, only eachother. So forge your path so that one day the misery of this age that afflicts us so can be a forgotten memory. So that the pain we suffer ends with us.

I know it's not easy. But nothing truly worthwhile ever is. Our private troubles, they may seem trivial to some, simple even, yet as humans, as people, they are often far more complex than we can ever articulate to others. Only kin can ever truly understand kin, only those whose soul shares the same template, those who have a shared blood can ever begin to comprehend their own peoples feelings and of them few are those who can truly stare into the depths of a Man's soul, fewer still who can understand what they see there. It is a hard thing to try and endure but endure you shall for you are not alone. Your misery, your self hatred, it can be defeated. So do so. For yourself, for yours brothers, for the higher powers you answer to, for a brighter tomorrow you shall succeed.