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Until victory be won. Until this age of horror ends. We walk towards tomorrow side by side, our joys and sadness's shared as one. Our people, where ever they may be, as one. Your sorrows, your shames, your sadness, they are ours too and no longer will we abandon eachother to suffer them alone. No longer can we turn a blind eye or turn to mockery when one of our kin suffers. Once upon a time such thinking was a fundamental tenant of our individual nations and aimed mostly inwards with tenuous bonds of friendship for other brother nations beyond them. Now, in this dire hour it must grow beyond that, beyond simple borders to all kin who share our fate, who wish to stand against the rising tide. We must build upon the nationalistic ideals of old and expand it to all our people, all our kin who share our blood, our spirit and our heritage. We are Europeans one and all be us in the homelands or the colonies. Centuries may pass yet our blood remains the same, our spirits even when cowed and assaulted remain the same. Our woes are the same. Remember that. Remember we are one and that even in the darkest of nights, even when our spirits feel broken and we fall that there are still those out there who would lift you up, who would share words akin with what I have shared with you here, who fight on *for* you and have struggled like you. Who struggle still. Find that ideal self. Find the path forward. Tell yourself to march even when your feet feel heavy and your back aches. Push yourself onwards even when you believe you can go no further. Take your strength from where ever you may find it and rise, stand with your head tall once more and walk the path ahead. Your brothers are with you. Your people are with you. They need you. So come, walk with them. Let us face this time of woe together as one.