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You are your own worst critic. I doubt there would be many others wiser on the topic. Welcome back once again.
Your linguistic ability is better than anyone else's here. I don't remember if I asked if you practice oration, though I'm sure you'd be subjected to harassment by both the parasites and police forces, just as anywhere else. The primary goals to keep in mind would be never to accept the Zionist offer and should you begin and lead an organization, absolutely do not let in anyone with even a drop of jewish blood in their family history. The majority of these modern orators are approached and swayed to their side both through threats and bribes. In the case of David Irving, he was both imprisoned and his family was threatened. My talent is more precise towards the removal of suspicious parties than that of eloquence. Should you decide to both stand up as a public speaker and deliver these exact messages, I would endeavor to join your group across the pond if only as the lesser role of making sure your organization does not fall to the parasite. As I'm sure you know, when groups spokesmen begin saying "not all jews", promoting any small lie about the holocaust fraud, regurgitating Zionist propaganda or insulting Hitler; that's a sure sign they're compromised already. The leeches always try to worm their way inside but their methods are obvious and methods which reveal them every single time equally so. What Hitler had during his speeches was a modicum of security. That is what you would need.