Anon 07/14/2021 (Wed) 22:31:08 No.7687 del
>Though I prefer them with a a talefin to being fully four legged.

this. Even though, I had a period where I had considered that these species should have 4 legs and long tail. After getting so used to the 2017 design, the two front hooves work nicely and the huge tale fin makes them look curvier and aesthetic.

The tail gains so much prominence design-wise that the artist has some room for creativity and thus, one can end up with cool concepts such as the glowing tail that reflects the light as if you were looking at the moon itself (the shape of the crescent moon makes it even more unique; hence that seapony Luna image introduces a design that you cannot apply on any other form).

There is a reason why they can end looking so appealing: the transformation can look very organic and display the same amount of charm as the original one.

>and it seems like their was one later incident where we lost some images on a smaller scale
one week later...
it seems that no apparent disasters/consequences have popped up from it yet. Nonetheless...

>So we maybe diving in the darkness for a bit and Sharkpony Luna can't protect us.
...we have always been living in the darkness. You are implying that she isn´t going to transform into NMM either, which is a tiny bit foolish to assume that nothing wrong can happen by trusting on her all the time. It was the darkness either from the land, the sea or outer space. I don´t think that any other option would take us to any better position either. I guess that the darkness from the depths takes a more natural transition than any other place so, you aren´t going to find any abrupt lightning anyway.