Anon 07/21/2021 (Wed) 22:38:26 No.7728 del
>Alright I'm back. I was without internet for the past (almost) month, due to unexpected house repairs, so I could not do much but i am happy that the script got fixed/remade and so much was done.

with no internet for almost an entire month? That must have been an utter annoyance. Yeah, the script was literally last week (I think that it was fixed on Saturday if I am not wrong) and thus, there has been very little time to use the fixed version but it´s better late than never.

>I would love to say that I have some comments too but the little I had was in local NewPipe playlist on my phone which got bricked (literally) during the painfully long reconstruction and if recovering wont work I probably wont have much to bring.

well, at least you have that and you have appeared just in time for the ending of this whole project and you have contributed slightly for it.That counts a lot. Also, one appreciates the loyalty displayed with the board. Many other people on other altchans would have abandoned this place because of the lack of activity. If you want to feel better, you have already contributed more than me.

>I can't even express how happy am I that you got this far with this, keep it up. There's still few hours left

Also: Bridgefag, his mutual partner and/or any other lurker who is working on this emergent task and is reading this reply: don´t focus on anything else.

Speed up the downloads until there is no more time left.

After that, you can post and comment about anything related to this or long/blog/shitpost or whatever you desire about any other topic. In the meantime,just post about something strictly necessary that is related to technical issues (although with the fixed yt downloader, there isn´t much to talk here other than updates on what you have already archived) and even then, /mlp/ is more useful in this regard for a faster communication among more users.

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