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>Except that the latter is the only one that doesn't totally fit

I find you're findings to be almost completely upside down. Zip is almost totally today's RD, and how on earth do you equate Hitch with Flutts? He's overly concerned, and cautious, but also brash and comfortable in the limelight.

Izzy is pretty much PP, although only from a particular angle; you wouldn't confuse them even on an unexpected phone call. A mystic, not using the same language the rest of us are used to.

Pipp is allergic to dirt but that's close to the upper end of their similarities. Of course, that's coming from who hates rarity and thinks Pipp's antics are cute if dumb.

And where TS was intensely curious about all things, Sunny seems to be so cocksure she relies on gut instinct exclusively and simply hasn't run into a big enough correction that she's learned to intermingle her hunches with actual data.

I haven't seen / heard any of it either, just going from the movie.