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>I find you're findings to be almost completely upside down.
Maybe it's the general vibe that pull out from it but I swear that I have seen much greater reminiscences of gen 4 in this special than the movie would deliver. Except for Zipp and Izzy,I wouldn't establish such similarities so bluntly.

>Zip is almost totally today's RD
She does follow the main tropes of Rainbow Dash except that her introvert display and her rejection towards the princess title put her under a very different situation than Rainbow Dash would deal with her ego. In the special,you see her exactly as uncomfortable as RD would do towards girly stuff for example. It's about her attitude and how she displays that discomfort and tells her friends how she feels. That's where her introvert mindset makes a difference.

>and how on earth do you equate Hitch with Flutts? He's overly concerned, and cautious, but also brash and comfortable in the limelight.

Fluttershy does come off as really shy to even draw direct comparisons with Hitch. But if you take her shyness away, Hitch does seem to take a secondary role within the dialogue among the group,as if he would drop off less lines than the other members would do, dedicating more time in his office and the animals.

>you wouldn't confuse them even on an unexpected phone call.

Yet both follow quite the same pattern of their gestures or sudden thoughts for coming up with ideas out of their minds. I will agree that Izzy is more reserved than Pinkie Pie yet she could be prone to follow such craziness to an extreme. For the most part,she keeps herself a borderline personality where she doesn't reach quite the heights of Pinkie's impulses.

>Of course, that's coming from who hates rarity and thinks Pipp's antics are cute if dumb.
Do you hate Rarity? Really? Wow, that's not a very common take to hear.

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