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Sunny Starscout
Sunny is not 100% Twilight, though her roll is close enough to feel like her often. How she behaves as the informal leader and as the core of the social group I can see it. If she is shown to be doing research on the history of Equestria and possible science or educational projects in the future I'd say she fits pretty well being called Twi-like.

Zipp Storm
Zipp feels very much like Rainbow Dash to me, though just as Zipp is Rainbow Dash I say you could make the same argument of her not being RD due to her more cooler head and having the pressure of to ascend the thrown. Could turn out like a mix of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash Twidash!

Izzy Moonbow
I agree on not confusing them in a phone call but I still see the association. Izzy originally was a slightly decafe bubbly Pinkie in ANG. Though I have fears she'll turn into a typical flanderized LOL RANDOM character and seemed off to me in the most recent one in a hard to place way.

Hitch Trailblazer
Now, Hitch, less so, Though with his caring for animals I still feel a bit of a association myself even if it's not as strong. MYM probably has reinforced that one with his hired animal police assistants and the dragon egg he took in.

Pipp Petals
Pipp as Rarity is the weakest for me. Not saying she doesn't serve the same archetype but I don't feel I associate her in the same way as the others. She has fewer personality touches or traits in common other then general prissiness and her social media status feels different to me for whatever reason.

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