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>Sorry for late reply, I was everywhere but home most of the august.
Not a problem. Considering how late I also can be with mine. Or anybody else here. There even has been some conversations here that have meandered off and on over the course of months, I guess now sometimes years (!) on this board.

>It's the feeling that someone expects it to continue that pushes it forward, slowly but surely.
Can understand that. Actually, sort of the same myself.

>Oh, that's neat, I only checked it in chrome and Firefox because they're pretty much the only existing HTML engines anymore
It's called chasing the long tail.

Joking aside, you are right that Chrome and Firefox are really all we have to test to cover 99% of our basis. I just often use a lot of different web browsers for a variety of reasons and tested just to be comprehensive or see if anything showed up.

>You are tough, I can't even imagine using some of my spare computers from ~2007. Feels good to be on this with someone unstoppable like this.
Tough might be a strong word. I guess I am just used to it. My main machine for 9 years was a Pentium M laptop with 2 GB of RAM. I never even noticed, even in 2018, how woefully low spec that was and only sometimes ran into issues.

>Eh, the entire thing is a kind of mock up to be honest. Some parts will need to be fixed.
>The original plan was to have configuration that would take care of this. You could almost say it would be "scripting the script". You would set commands to execute when something like this happens, I'm not even sure how feasible it will be so I wouldn't say you were overlooking much.

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