feed-analyzer 0.1.0 Anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 20:49 No.8413 del
It's super bare bones, basically just terminal RSS reader with built in, shitty version, of GREP and even worse output formatting but it's a start.
I know I said at the end of August and it was really done this time! ...but I kinda forgot it needs CLI user interface as well (the whole thing was written in REPL) and user interaction took longer than expected.

What it has:
- RSS support
- Very little filtering support - uses simple string.contains so "delet" will match "delet*" -> "*deleted", "deleting" and so on. This is case insensitive.
- Very early TOML config support
- Pretty solid error handling and help with errors I would say
- Terminal VT-100 colored output
- Included example of documented config - Format is very unstable and may (will) change a LOT
- Support for running as "script" (interpreting "directly" by Clojure)
- Support for running as single Java .jar file (standard java -jar way)
- Included instructions on using and building every supported way of running

What it has not
- No Atom feed support
- No html filter (some feeds put html tags inside them, it'll have to be filtered out in the future)

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