Anon 09/18/2022 (Sun) 21:01 No.8414 del
(511.29 KB 1281x1088 HappyHollymare.png)
Overall, I'm not quite sure if this can be as useful as I imagined. Maybe if it was executed in some fixed intervals with proper actions on match (like download of the matched item) it could be somehow useful, however I'm afraid of way too big number of false-positives.
Also there will have to be more research on the keywords we should look for, best thing would probably be to get lot of links to posts about bad happenings so they could be analyzed.

Anyway, I'll keep working on this along with the comment converter and see how it goes.

>Tough might be a strong word.
Nah, subjectively maybe, but I can't imagine doing that myself.
>Though I could possibly nitpick and edit it slightly (in particular, the question mark).
If you think you can improve it and want to spend time on it then go ahead. Although I probably won't see any difference because I'm strangely blind to these details. That's why I try to never design anything.
I can only tell if something looks real bad, sorta ok or absolutely amazing but in any case I'll never have any idea on how to make it look better.