Anonymous 01/06/2023 (Fri) 11:43 Id: 9b3b9e No.115894 del
if swamp is desperate:
hakeem can go to RINOs for _ seats
mccarthy can go to dem leaders for _ seats (trading something)
if if IF swamp ever makes these moves it will be quick/surprising when RINOs help hakeem or if dem leaders help mccarthy imo
it will make dem leaders look like the heroes who could 'compromise for the country'; fake news will gush
each vote has this risk; growing the 20 has this risk
losing means either hakeem will be speaker or mccarthy (after trades); we gain hakeem or we gain mccarthy minus what he trades
1) by voting in mccarthy now we avoid that risk and keep 'trades'
2) stopping mccathy and installing some1 moar trustworthy would be epic
the power is w the People; thas why billions is spent by fake news convincing us fake is real
gain the People = gain the Power
information war, work together, focus

>>115891 not 18, instead 9 >>115893