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>>115897, >>115898, >>115899 The Swamp Today, January 6, 2023
>>115911 If Trudeau can confiscate firearms, what other property is next?
>>115916 Ontario school boards soliciting sexual information about children through perverse surveys
>>115920 150,000 Votes in the 2020 Election Not Tied to a Valid Address in Wisconsin
>>115926,>>115927 English ex popstar calls out nonces and releases a track about nonces
>>115930 U.S. House of Representatives House session scheduled noon Monday, 9th
>>115932 Matt Gaetz - Kevin McCarthy Hasn't "Earned" Speakership
>>115933 The House votes to adjourn until 10:00 p.m. ET Jan. 6th
>>115934 General Flynn returns to Twatter
>>115935 Rep. MTG - Hear the REAL story of January 6th, 2021 with Darren J. Beattie
>>115936 What role did FBI informants have in events surrounding the January 6th riot? Sunday on Full Measure
>>115937 1k citizens charged with Jan 6th crimes none are formally accused of sedition, treason, insurrection
>>115938 CDC announced that they are distributing $3.2 billion to state, local, and territorial health departments across the United States
>>115939 Judicial Watch has obtained copy of intelligence warning stating: "Al Qaeda says upcoming attacks on US, possibly involving planes, will use new techniques and tactics

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